Cortana CRM 2015Microsoft just announced that the Cortana digital assistant from the Windows 8.1 mobile platform will now be included in the release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015, which is set to go live (at some point) in December 2014.

If you have a Windows Phone 8.1 devices, Dynamics CRM 2015 users will be able to talk to the customer relationship management suite – literally.

Cortana for Dynamics 2015 will be able to search for contacts, accounts and activities. In addition, it will be able to set up meetings, reminders and create new customer records all with voice commands.

This short 2 minute video featuring Fred Studer, GM & Product Marketing for the Microsoft Dynamics group walks viewers through how Cortana and mobility can help your sales team prepare to close and follow up on sales deals. Create tasks, add contacts and send reminders to coworkers all with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM app.

If you have not seen Fred Studer in any other Microsoft Dynamics videos, I highly encourage you to check them out on YouTube.  They are awesome.

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