sing BI Tools to Extend CRMMicrosoft now offers the ability to expose your Power BI dashboards and tiles within your Dynamics 365 Personal Dashboards.

If you are not familiar with the power of BI (pun intended) check out this on-demand webcast on “Using Business Intelligence Tools to Extend CRM” – an encore presentation from Ledgeview’s CRM Conference.

Back to the task at hand. Here are simple instructions to expose your Power BI dashboards and tiles to your personal dashboards.

Turn on Power BI Visualization in Dynamics 365

Enable Power BI visualizations for your organization in

Settings > Administration > System Settings > Reporting tab > Allow Power BI visualization embedding.

Ledgeview Power BI 1

Embed Power BI Dashboard within Dynamics 365

  1. Go to Dashboardsin SalesService, or Marketing.
  2. Select an existing personal dashboard or click New to create one.
  3. On the dashboard, click an area where you want the tile to appear, and then click Power BI Tile on the toolbar.Note: you cannot add Power BI dashboards to D365 System dashboards.

Ledgeview Power BI 2

In the Add Component dialog, select the Power BI dashboard and Power BI tile that you want to display on your dashboard, and click Enable for mobile if you want to make the tile available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for tablets and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for phones.

Click OK.

Embed Power BI tile within Dynamics 365 dashboard

If you prefer to only select one tile instead of an entire dashboard, you have the option within your D365 personal dashboard to select a Power BI tile.

Ledgeview Power BI 3


If you are using Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power BI and/or Azure, it is recommended to use the same login for all applications.  The login needs to be a work email address.  The Dynamics 365 will not find the Power BI visualizations without having a common login.  There is not a location in Dynamics 365 to direct or select the Power BI environment.

Note: Dynamics 365 Users must have a Power BI account and have access to at least one Power BI dashboard expose the embedded visualizations.

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