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Activities are amazing tools in your Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM environment, if they are being properly utilized, that is …

Many users suffer from common mistakes where one of the following is missing:

  • Associated to a Record in Dynamics
  • A Due Date, if it is a future looking Activity
  • and – Subject that allows for a quick look to understand the nature of the Activity

In this post, we will help explain how you can avoid becoming the “victim” of these common user errors. Don’t worry if you’ve made any of these mistakes before. These bits of information are often something we as users don’t know until we know, you know?

Activity Management is much more than putting Activities into the system and then forgetting about them.

Following up on Activities after they’re set is crucial – they must be managed!

Go to your “Recently Viewed Items” list, and click on the Account you want to manage.

For this example, we use an imaginary Account called, “Widgets R Us”.

(Remember, you can always use your Navigation Bar to quickly move around your Dynamics environment.)

Go to your Activities menu, and click on the “Add Task” icon.

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

For this example, in the “Subject” field, we are going to write, “Create Contract for Widgets R Us”.

Then, we fill in the “Description” section that tells us a little more about the task and its importance to the account management.

We set a “Due Date” for whenever it needs to be completed by, and then click “OK” once we’re satisfied with the options we’ve selected.

We can also choose a certain due time, such as if we need to have our task completed mid-day. Then we’d set “12:00 p.m.”.

(This is a good reminder as to why it’s important to have the right time zone set for your CRM environment.)

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

Now that you’ve successfully created your task, it will appear under your “Activities” dashboard.

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

It’s likely you won’t come back into your “Widgets R Us” Account every day just to look at this. So, you may wonder, where do you go to be reminded of this task?

Go to your black Navigation Bar, and click the dropdown arrow next to your Default Pane (for this environment, we have selected “Sales” as our default).

Then, go to Sales > Activities.

Navigate to the “Due” tab, and select “Due in the next 7 days” from your dropdown menu, if you’ve set that parameter. Or, if you’ve set it to be due in a month, tomorrow, etc., select the appropriate option so you see your task appear.

(This is why setting the right due date is so critical.)

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

When you’re organized, and you’re frequently completing your Activities, this dashboard will be clean, but if you’re leaving them open instead of closed, it might be more cluttered.

You can click on certain accounts to get more information on your task. So, for this example, we can click on “Widgets R Us” again.

Integrating your Outlook App into your Dynamics system will be very beneficial for this process, as your task reminders will appear as appointments in your Outlook calendar.

For those who need help with time management, this is especially useful.

You will always know what tasks you need to prioritize with – everything ties together with Office 365 integrations.

Activity Management makes following up and staying on track much easier.

This is just the start of the efficiencies you will see while using Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM.

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