Blue Boxing GlovesIt’s time to strap on the gloves and step into the ring for a face-to-face battle between two of the CRM giants. Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. No, Satya Nadella and Marc Benioff are not going to battle it out, but the mobile experiences their teams have created for users will.

Now available, On-Demand, is our 30 minute on-demand webinar on “Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs Salesforce: A Mobile Experience Face Off” as we utilize the phone apps for each CRM solution to walk through Sales “Day in the Life” scenarios to compare the user experience.

Mobile has changed the way we do business and the way we use CRM. From sales and marketing to customer service and operations, Mobile CRM is no longer just a check box on a sheet. Organizations have very specific requirements when it comes to mobile functionality, compatibility, customizations, and of course user adoption.

Salesforce has long since led the mobile battle with the Salesforce1 App, but this summer Microsoft released the Dynamics CRM for Phones App which gives users the experience of their CRM for Tablet App,but on a smartphone size device.

This on-demand webinar is only 30 minutes and we won’t touch on all these but to set the stage for this match-up let’s take a look at the contenders.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Phones App Feature Highlights:

  • Access activities, accounts, contacts, and leads from an easy-to-use home page
  • Guided contextual business process
  • Quickly and easily enter customer data with only a few taps
  • Track progress for key performance indicators (KPIs) visually with charts
  • Access your personalized views of lists and grids to see the data most important to you
  • Pin tiles to the app home page and get to the information you need quickly
  • Even with no connectivity, users can continue to work with offline drafts that can be saved once reconnected
  • Fully support custom entities along with customizations

With Saleforce1 Mobile you can:

  • Pull up sales figures with tap of a finger
  • View your whole day at a glance with the Today App
  • Access the latest information you need, instantly
  • View urgent posts and approval requests
  • Drive quicker decisions with real-time data from dashboards and custom reports
  • See what’s important to you with the Feed First Design
  • Use Collaboration to share ideas and files with your team
  • Instantly deploy hundreds of Salesforce1 mobile-ready AppExchange Apps.

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