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As we continue the Microsoft Learn module, “Get Started with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service,” we learn more and more about how to put the art of the possible to work.

Today, we unpack key case management scenarios in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service and how we can respond to them as customer service agents to produce more effective outcomes for our places of work.

In today’s digital world, it’s crucial that customer service reps are equipped with the right tools to resolve customer service issues from a single space.

If customer information is scattered, the customer’s case file is inconsistent across technology, agents are unable to locate information on a specific customer case, etc., this prevents customers from becoming loyal to your business and stands to prevent a positive brand reputation from evolving with your business over time.

Microsoft says customer service agents will benefit from having:

  • A list of tasks they need to accomplish before a case is resolved
  • Access to the business’ knowledge base to assist them in resolving the customer’s issue in a steadfast manner
  • A complete contextual history of what has been done on the case

Other key pieces of information that will be essential for customer service reps to have for customer service issue resolution include:

  • Timelines – display related case activities.
  • Related – display related information that might be related to a case or related to the customer that the case is associated with.
  • Business Process Flows – represent guided processes that are used to guide service agents to a complete case resolution.

These key elements make the case management process pretty seamless for customer service reps across organizations and industries! You can explore it in more depth within this unit. Start it here.

Having an excellent case management process and strategy leads to increased customer satisfaction!

Within this module, we advance our journey forward with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service and begin to apply the basics of what we’ve learned in other modules to work.

Get started with this educational lesson here.

If you would like more assistance getting started with Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications, reach out to our team. We’re happy to help you, whatever phase of the CRM journey you find yourself in.


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