crm-is-not-just-for-salespeople-ebook-borderThere was a time when Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, was the exclusive domain of the sales team. Salespeople were the liaison between the customer and the business. Those days have come to an end—to meet customers’ expectations today requires input from across the company.

Today’s customer expects to have a deeper relationship with your small and medium business (SMB). They are more educated about your products when they engage and want to be empowered to find answers for themselves. No matter the size of your business, you can leverage data and technology to make every customer experience with your business easier.

In this brand new eBook we focus on how to put customers first and increase productivity across the company with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

To build those deeper relationships, customers must be at the center of your business. Every interaction—with both current and potential customers—should become part of the company’s corporate memory, shared across the organization.

Every size business today is collecting more and more data. When that data is organized and focused to serve the customer, it also improves productivity. Employees go one place to find the answers they need—no matter where their work takes them.

In this eBook, we’ll show you how a business solution from Microsoft puts the power of data in your employee’s hands to build customer relationships. With familiar tools, integrated communication and connected resources, you can also make a leap in productivity that will drive profits.

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Here is a peak at what’s inside:

  1. Build customer value with cross-sell and up sell
  2. Bridge disconnected applications
  3. Streamline asset management
  4. Coordinate care for patients and social service clients
  5. Improve coordination across departments
  6. Automate processes to increase productivity
  7. Ensure compliance with consistent processes
  8. Provide unparalleled customer service
  9. Deliver highly personalized customer experiences
  10. Coordinate project teams
  11. Win over your clients (over and over again)
  12. Engage experts when needed

Industry mini-case studies, insightful statistics and how-to tips to help you accomplish your goals.

Read about all that and more in “CRM is not just for salespeople


Note: As of November 1, 2016, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is part of Microsoft Dynamics 365. To learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 contact Ledgeview Partners or visit our Dynamics 365 webpage featuring a series of videos and information about this upcoming release from Microsoft.

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