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There are many new and exciting features that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mobile users can take advantage of with the V9.0 release.

Mobile is a game-changer in Microsoft Dynamics 365 V9.0. It is a big push for Microsoft as a company and a dynamic improvement for its large and unique customer basis.

In V9.0, the Unified User Interface (UUI) has completely changed for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mobile. How users experience mobile in V9.0 is unlike how they’ve ever experienced it before.

It may only look like there’s only one new feature upon the first impression, but that’s the whole thing! Your User Interface is how you experience the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mobile App, and, therefore, it is very multi-layered.

Prior to the upgrade, the Mobile experience was a bit clunky for users.

Many of those in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 user community reported that it felt like the Mobile App experience was pushing down the desktop version onto their phones instead of living as its own interface.

Users reported that it didn’t feel like it fit or was optimized for mobile-compatibility prior to the V9.0 upgrade.

With V9.0, the Mobile App now moves swiftly and flows with all system functionality much more effectively.

The new Timeline feature in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 V9.0 Mobile App is a major win for Microsoft and its customers. This is by far, one of Ledgeview’s expert’s favorite improvements!

For those who’ve used Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the past, you are probably familiar with Social Pane.

Social Pane is the piece right in the middle of your Accounts, Contacts, Leads, etc. where you can see all of your Activities, Posts, etc., but has now been replaced with “Timeline” in the V9.0 upgrade.

This is so all of your Notes, Activities, and updates to Accounts, Contacts, Leads, etc., appear in chronological order, making it easier for users to manage their time and keep track of the right information in the right place.

You can filter your Timeline by what’s important to you.

With V9.0, you also have the ability to change forms, unlike with prior versions. This dissuaded many users from using mobile in the past, but that is not the case now …

Changing forms on the Mobile App is just as easy as doing it on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Desktop Version.

Still, there are some substantial differences when you’re navigation between the Mobile Unified User Interface and Web Interface, which we will cover in depth in future blog posts.

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