Northern Energy Partners with Ledgeview to Implement a Seamless Industry-Tailored Solution, CRM for Oil & Gas

Northern Energy Partners with Ledgeview to Implement a Seamless Industry-Tailored Solution, CRM for Oil & Gas

Northern Energy Inc. is a senior-level elite distributor for Chevron, an American multinational energy corporation.

As a lubrication distributor and marketer for Chevron Lubricants, Northern Energy supplies oils, greases, antifreeze, etc. to all of Michigan and parts of Ohio and Indiana.

One of the requirements for lubricant marketers that are a part of Chevron Project Transform is to have a CRM system.

When Chevron bought Texaco in the world’s fourth-largest oil merger for billions of dollars in the early 2000s, they took all of Texaco’s distributors and lubricant marketers to create a new program, fittingly titled, Chevron Project Transform.

Requiring its lubricant marketers to implement a CRM to advance the business forward was a part of this major industry shift.

Robert Holland, I.T. Manager at Northern Energy Inc. says being a part of the program made it easy to evaluate and implement a CRM solution.

Under Chevron’s program guidance and encouragement, the team at Northern Energy evaluated several different market-leading CRM solutions and arrived on Ledgeview’s industry-tailored CRM for Oil & Gas product, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, for a few key reasons.

Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil & Gas Product was ready out-of-the-box for Northern Energy, which meant it did not require massive “after-the-fact” programming that other solutions might, saving them money in the long-run.

“The tool worked almost from day one once we got the procedures loaded into it, and it did not require many post-programming functions,” Holland says.

Even before the product was implemented, Holland says Northern Energy received support from their Ledgeview product specialist and the CRM development team that was “extremely helpful” in their technology journey.

Read all about Northern Energy’s experience with the solution, including how they overcame common user adoption hurdles, and the benefits they realized once the solution was implemented in the full case study.

Discover why Holland says anyone in the Oil & Gas industry who is looking at CRM should “look at Ledgeview.”


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