Opportunity Splits Finally Available in Salesforce Lightning with the Spring ’18 Release

Salesforce Spring '18 Release

Over the past couple of years, since Salesforce Lightning’s release, Salesforce has considered how to bring Opportunity Splits into Lightning.

After years of waiting, it finally has been debuted in the Spring ’18 Release.

Opportunity Splits allow users to share revenue from an opportunity with your team members.

Salesforce reminds, “Team members working on an opportunity can roll their individual sales credits into quota and pipeline reports for the entire team.”

All of the functionality that was available in Classic with Opportunity Splits has been brought over into Lightning.

The benefit here is that there is no additional set up you have to do if you’re already leveraging Opportunity Splits in Classic, whether you’re managing exploits from team members or you’re managing them from an Overlay standpoint.

All of that information is carried forward into Lighting. You don’t have to go back and reconfigure anything!

As soon as you go into Lightning and start playing around with it, it’s there.

The one catch Admins may have to watch for is that they may have to go into Lightning and add Related Lists onto your Page Layouts weren’t already there for some reason, or if you want them rearranged within the App page to put them in different locations versus just the Related List.

Regardless of this, all of the data is there. Everything is moved over and ready to go.

So, if one of the reasons you were holding back on using Lightning was because you heavily use Opportunity Splits with team selling, and that wasn’t available in Lightning yet, go ahead and hop over to Lightning.

Turn it on to play with it! Start testing.

Again, everything should be there and ready to go for you without any additional configuration.

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Do you want more information on the Salesforce Spring ’18 Release? Watch this!

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