Lack of a process definition can disable your business from moving forward in many ways, but especially with Salesforce User Adoption.

Part of your success relies on having an effective and actionable process definition to guide your organization.

When there is a lack of a process definition in place for Salesforce Users, there is a lack of purpose and excitement among them.

Eliminate that stigma from the get-go by ensuring your process definition is in place before you implement Salesforce and dive deeper into the CRM Solution.

When things go wrong, it typically isn’t the CRM system that’s broken, it’s your process.

It’s easy to blame the system, but you need to address and solidify your process definition as a foundation for your Salesforce system from the start.

Before organizations consider how they’ll be using Salesforce, they skip to considering the data they’ll be storing.

Break this mindset NOW! Drop it on the curb with other misconceptions and hurdles addressed in Ledgeview’s Salesforce User Adoption eBook.

Without answering the question of “How?”, you fail to build a foundation for your data.

Without knowing how your process works, you will lose shared functionality, create lagging adoption, even lose it altogether, and set yourself up for receiving an abundance of change requests.

Don’t fail to ask “Why?” or fail to address the question itself and move on.

Many organizations do not want to take the time to talk about workflows, but this is a huge mistake. While considering end-results is exciting, you have to make a plan to get there. You enable problems to escalate when you don’t answer the “tough” questions.

Don’t shove questions aside.

Fill your Salesforce journey with a process definition from the get-go, and make sure everyone knows why and how and is on board.

Live by the saying: “If it’s not in Salesforce, it Never Happened.”

No matter what department you are a part of, whether it be Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, IT or another department, you are part of one shared Salesforce organization. You are on the same team, and you must hold yourselves accountable for inputting data according to your process definition.

Live by the rule stated above to set yourself up for success.

The solution to a lacking process definition can be as easy as opening yourself up to communication and strategizing.

Get the appropriate Users involved in the conversation from the start of your Salesforce journey. Then, if something isn’t in Salesforce, call it out quickly and ask why.

Once again, when you fail to acknowledge these questions and provide answers, you fail to open yourselves up to improvement or growth.

When you learn to leverage data in Salesforce to promote employee success, you encourage others to achieve their own successes and further your organization’s process and growth.

In addition to this quick-win, there are many others that you can achieve today.

Get started with Ledgeview.

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