Your Salesforce CRM System will fail without Executive Sponsorship – PERIOD.

There’s simply no way around it. When no one at the executive level is on board, how do you expect users to be? There are no exceptions when it comes to this CRM Rule of Management.

One of the most common problems Ledgeview sees with lack of Executive Sponsorship is excitement fadeout after the original implementation of Salesforce.

As important as continuous user adoption is among Users, the same can be said of management. Continuous adoption isn’t just for users – it’s for everyone.

CRM is a living, breathing system. You must grow and evolve as it does, and, hopefully, your business.

If you fail to pay attention to how your Users are responding to Salesforce now, months from now, and even years, you are failing to grow your business.

When you stop paying attention, so do they.

Hold everyone accountable. Don’t take a hands-off approach.

Encourage Continous Learning and Improvement

Whatever your involvement or level of knowledge with Salesforce, since it is always growing and evolving, you can never know enough! There are literally always opportunities for you to learn.

Imagine what is possible when you encourage your Users to upkeep and increase their Salesforce “studies”, and achieve higher certifications.

Encouragement goes a long way, and it helps your business grow and succeed in the process. Win, win, win!

Encourage your users by sharing information about webinars, community events, blogs, tip sheets, etc. Be involved with them. Don’t stop your involvement by saying it’s something Users should do. Lead by example.

Don’t be a leader that says: “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Be involved in their growth. Maintain regular coaching sessions with individuals and teams. Host regular office hours if appropriate.

Keep your users inspired.

What really changes a Salesforce Organization over time is diving deep into projects.

Though you may want to be the first to reply to customers, you may not be spending the time to break the surface of Salesforce, and you need to be. Responding quickly without the ammunition to provide solutions creates an exasperated effect. You never want that.

Create discussions with your Users to solve the problem of lack of executive sponsorship.

As an Executive Sponsor, be the leader you want your Users to have. Be the leader you want and need at your level — whatever inspires you to encourage, grow, and help others learn as you do!

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