When it comes to CRM implementation, many know that CRM User Adoption is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome.

There are probably many reasons you may be struggling as an organization to succeed with Salesforce User Adoption right now.

CRM is a discipline; never forget that! Once you implement Salesforce, Salesforce is forever.

Getting users on board and keeping them there can be difficult — we get it. You’re not the first organization to have this happen, and you won’t be the last.

One of the most common Salesforce User Adoption hurdles Ledgeview’s finds is with a system designed by IT for Sellers.

In no way is this hurdle a knock on IT professionals or Salesforce Admins.

Whoever is involved in Salesforce is accountable for its success, individually and as an organization.

Users, whether from Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, or Management, all need to work together. When you come together as an organization, tackling a system like Salesforce can be smooth sailing, but there needs to be a connection, collaboration, and communication among departments from the start.

Compatability can also quickly become an issue. When requirements change, your UX needs to change with it.

System designers often fail to include others in the design conversation, which is a major fault. You have to consider everyone who will be using Salesforce and get them involved in the conversation from the start.

How do you do this, though?

Share the Functionality and Own the Design!

When it comes down to it, CRM has to work no matter how cool or thoughtful the design. Admins must own the functionalities and understand how those functionalities affect all Users and departments.

Involving all Users in the conversation (within reason) from the get-go will create confidence and enthusiasm for Salesforce.

When you get the input you need from Users,  you will resolve and prevent biased functionalities from being created. You will also prevent the possibility of ample design change requests swarming you after implementation.

If you have email integration such as with Gmail or Outlook, and that fails to get included, for example, you can lose users before you gain them! Yikes!

Don’t let this happen. Talk about integrations. Talk about needs. Talk about realities. Talk about functionalities.

Empower your Users to decide what’s important with Salesforce, and design a system around your organization. Don’t get tunnel vision with your design. Keep your Users in mind.

Download our latest eBook, “Achieving User Adoption Success with Salesforce: A Guide for Admins On 4 Common Hurdles + Solutions” for more Salesforce User Adoption tips and best practices.

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