Press Release: Ledgeview Partners Achieves the 2020/2021 Inner Circle for Microsoft Business Applications

Press Release: Ledgeview Partners Achieves the 2020/2021 Inner Circle for Microsoft Business Applications

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Ledgeview Partners Achieves the 2020/21 Inner Circle for Microsoft Business Applications

Ledgeview Partners is honored by Microsoft for achieving outstanding sales achievement and innovation.

Appleton, WI – Wednesday, July 29, 2020 — Ledgeview Partners has achieved the prestigious 2020/2021 Inner Circle for Microsoft Business Applications. Membership in this elite group is based on sales achievements that rank Ledgeview Partners in the top echelon of the Microsoft’s Business Applications global network of partners. Inner Circle members have performed to a high standard of excellence by delivering valuable solutions that help organizations achieve increased success.

2020/2021 Inner Circle members are invited to the Inner Circle Virtual Summits, taking place quarterly between July 2020 and June 2021, where they will have a unique opportunity to share strategy and network with Microsoft senior leaders and fellow partners.

This recognition of Inner Circle for Microsoft Business Applications coincided with Microsoft Inspire, the annual premier partner event, which took place July 20-21, 2020. Microsoft Inspire provides the Microsoft partner community with the opportunity to learn about the company’s road map for the upcoming year, establish connections, share best practices, experience the latest product innovations and learn new skills.

“Each year we recognize Microsoft Business Applications partners from around the world for delivering innovation and driving unsurpassed customer success,” said Cecilia Flombaum, Microsoft Business Applications Ecosystem Lead. “Our Inner Circle members are chosen based on their business performance as well as capabilities as an organization, whether that’s creating IP, developing solutions, or having an industry-leading focus on digital transformation. Microsoft is honored to recognize Ledgeview Partners for their achievements this past year, their dedication to our customers, and their innovation around the Microsoft Cloud.”  

Lisa Benson, Co-founder and Principal at Ledgeview Partners, reflects on this accomplishment.

“We are honored to receive this award from Microsoft and to be among a peer group of much larger, global organizations. This award recognizes our team’s commitment to Microsoft Dynamics and longevity in supporting this product line for the past 13 years. We look forward to continuing to guide our customers in making their businesses more customer-focused,” Benson says.

Ledgeview Partners’ consultants combine savvy business intellect with a strong technical aptitude to provide solutions that extend well beyond software implementations. It’s about building relationships, transforming business, and delivering phenomenal customer experiences. Ledgeview Partners is honored as a Microsoft Dynamics Partner to receive this recognition from the Microsoft community for the second consecutive year in 2020/21.

Ledgeview solves challenges for a variety of businesses within different industries to deliver unique solutions that address their processes before the technology is implemented.  Ledgeview remains committed to developing long-lasting, personal relationships with each customer to gain the best understanding of their business and objectives. Ledgeview team members put customer care first to ensure the best outcomes for each project. Ledgeview loves and encourages diversity of thought and gifts. Ledgeview values what makes every individual and team stronger and better, in its employees, customers, and the greater Microsoft community.

With unlimited ways to utilize Dynamics 365, Ledgeview Partners sees and delivers ample possibility to its customers and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 knowledge community. Quality and care are at the heart of everything Ledgeview does. Looking forward, we are dedicated to helping our customers navigate through the good, the bad, and the uncertain. At Ledgeview Partners, we know that real business impact starts by putting people first.

About Ledgeview Partners

Ledgeview Partners is a business and technology consulting company who partners with organizations to transform sales, marketing, and customer service operations & processes that are supported by core technologies including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation.

Ledgeview Partners has been a top Microsoft Dynamics Partner since 2007 and a Salesforce Partner since 2013.


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