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Ledgeview Partners Ranked #8 in Digital Marketing Excellence as a Microsoft Partner in 2019/20

Appleton, WI, July 24, 2019 – Ledgeview Partners is proud to announce its ranking as #8 in Digital Marketing Excellence as a Microsoft Partner in 2019/20. After analyzing and comparing almost 39,000 Microsoft Partners across the globe, Ledgeview has solidified its position in the Top 10. The official Insights Report is in its fifth edition and released by the London and Seattle-based digital marketing agency, Fifty Five and Five, to honor Microsoft Partners that are paving the way in digital marketing excellence.

With a foreword from Corporate Vice President, One Commerical Partner at Microsoft, Gavriela Schuster, the report encourages focus, out-of-the-box, creative, and exceptional thinking in terms of promoting high culture, technological evolution, Microsoft tools and applications, and high-level expertise with advanced solutions like Micrososft Dynamics 365/CRM, of which Ledgeview Partners is a Gold Customer Relationship Management Partner and 2019/20 Inner Circle Award-winner.

Schuster says, “The most successful partner marketing strategies cut through the noise by clearly showing customers the unique value of the solution being offered, what it does and how it supports the outcomes of their customer values.”

The report includes official interviews, insights, and case studies from industry experts, including marketing analyses of the Top 250 partners.

Chris Wright, Founder of Fifty Five and Five, stresses the importance of being recognized.

“Our report exists to draw attention to the hard work that partners are doing, from those that achieve an elusive top 10 position to those ranking a little higher each consecutive year,” Wright says. “Every year, we survey tens of thousands of partners from across the globe, and this year we have further improved the quality of our data and the scoring process itself.”

Doug Fissell, President of Ledgeview Partners, excites over the recognition.

“It is wonderful to be recognized for who we really are as an organization and brand through this honor,” Fissel says.

Chad Collett, Director of Marketing at Ledgeview Partners, offers similar reflection.

“We are overjoyed to be recognized as an organization in this way and especially for our culture that we work hard to cultivate and share through our regular marketing efforts,” Collett says. “We look forward to more excellence to come with Microsoft and at Ledgeview Partners.”

Read the full report from Fifty Five and Five here.


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