Are you in the process of selecting a CRM solution for your organization? If you are open to the possibilities, stuck between two or a few, or have no idea where to even start, there are some key questions you should ask your team before you make the call!

To select a proper CRM solution for your organization, you will want to define metrics for success.

This helps define the information you’ll need in CRM. It may also help determine what types of analytics and reporting capabilities are needed in your system.

During the analysis and design phase of your CRM project, you will also start to gather information about what key features your teams need in a CRM solution. All CRM systems include basic account and contact management out-of-the-box, but what else will you need?

To determine the answer, ask your team these key questions:

  1. Do you have a complex sales process that CRM could help track and automate?
  2. Does customer service want to use CRM to track customer service support tickets?
  3. Does marketing want to have automation directly within CRM to make email marketing, nurture campaigns, and trades show and event management easier?

Once you know what features you'll need, you can look more closely at how your products will function in relation to your team's specific needs. Understand that a CRM project requires a lot of resources on your end, not just on your… Click To Tweet

Your team will need to devote their time to CRM while still doing their own job. That balance can be challenging and stressful in the beginning, but your team will grow over time with the system.

CRM requires a big time and financial investment. Because it’s difficult to know all of the ins and outs of CRM, partnering with a business and technology consulting firm or CRM partner is crucial to your success. Lean on the experts to take the technological stress off and save yourselves from having to spend more in the future!

Before you decide on a CRM solution, you will also want to ask yourselves:

  • Are you ready to embrace the challenges and changes that go along with CRM?
  • Does your team have the time, abilities, and patience to devote to CRM’s lifetime? (Once you implement CRM, CRM is forever!)
  • Do you have support from the top down? (Executive sponsorship?)
  • Are you ready for this?


Key features you will also want to consider include:

  • Brand Analysis
  • Collaboration
  • Mobile Access
  • Territory Planning and Mapping
  • Marketing Automation
  • Quote Management
  • Lead and Prospect Management
  • Email Integration
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Back Office Integration
  • Unified Service Desk
  • Account Order History Analysis
  • Opportunity Management
  • Activity Management
  • Case Management
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Sales Goals vs. Actuals Tracking
  • Sales Calls
  • And, if you can believe it, more!

All of these feature considerations are important to help you define and understand the current state of your business and/or CRM compared to where you want it to be.

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