Business Rules in Dynamics CRM 2013 are great as they allow administrators the power to create some of the more common pieces of automation in a form without having to resort to JavaScript. But one thing that is conspicuously absent is the ability to create an action that allows clearing a field.

The first thought of course is to create an action which sets the field to an empty value… no such luck as the value is required!


The workaround is to set the field to the value of another field that doesn’t have a value.

Here are the steps to get this set up:

  • Create a new field of the same data type as the field you wish to clear (or use an existing field of the same data type that isn’t populated)
  • Add the new field to the form, ideally mark the field as read-only and turn off the visibility (if the field is not on the form this will not work)
  • Create an action in your Business Rule which sets the value of the field you need to clear to the field value of the new empty field


Here it is in action:


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