If you are wondering which combination of service packs and update rollups have been applied to your Dynamics CRM 2013 organization there is an easy way to tell. From the browser open the ‘Settings’ menu (gear in the upper right corner) and then select ‘About’ and you should be greeted with a new window, at the top of which you should see something like this:


Here is how the version number breaks down:

First number (6) – this is the major version, CRM 4.0 was 4, CRM 2011 was 5 and we’ll continue with 6 until the next big update that contains major changes to the platform

Second number (1) – this is the service pack number, service pack 1 was just released and along with major version changes these updates will be the vehicles for new functionality

Third number (0) – this is the number of the update rollup that has been applied, the main focus is to address items like bugs and performance issues rather than bringing in new features

Fourth number (575) – this is the build number or the specific iteration of code that was released, often times Online customers will get small updates in the background to fix issues that On Premises users won’t see until the next update so in many cases this number won’t match between the two

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