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With any Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Release, there is a lot to learn, and October 2018 updates are no exception.

You may have already read blogs from us about it, but this one will give you more key takeaways you should know about as a user or admin!

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1. Playbooks
Playbooks are a new capability/feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM as of the October Release that are designed to “help organizations automate repeatable sales activities and respond to external events”.

Playbooks are predictive and event-driven guidance systems that suggest the next best action items for salespeople to take within their CRM system.

There’s no doubt that we are living in the age of the consumer, and, as we become more aware of buyer behavior, as sellers, we must become more responsive to it.

Playbooks offer this, as they are reactive process-driven repositories.

Microsoft helps to put Playbooks into context – So, for example, if a key decision-maker leaves the project in the middle of a deal, this may jeopardize the transaction, but Playbooks can help you trigger a play that creates a set of tasks or actions needed to remedy the situation.

Playbooks help you carefully orchestrate your activities to ensure your process and strategies are successful.

Microsoft says Playbooks will allow organizations to:

  • Configure Playbooks and define the set of tasks and activities to automate once triggered
  • Search and launch Playbooks for a particular scenario
  • Track the status progress of running Playbooks against their outcome, successful or not

2. LinkedIn Insights
Any business process in CRM can be created or enhanced to include LinkedIn Insights about people and companies.

Insights allow the user to complete stages more accurately and quickly; thus, driving sales through to completion.

LinkedIn Insights include ample information about your customers, prospects, and leads; plus, it provides other functionalities beyond that to help your salespeople become even smarter sellers with CRM.

Here’s some of the information you’ll discover while using LinkedIn Insights, in your CRM system:

  • Size, Industry, and Location Data about Companies
  • Company, Position, and Years of Experience the individual target has
  • Icebreakers and Conversation Starters to create warm introductions with your customers
  • First, Second, and TeamLink connections to provide warm introductions as they traverse the entire organization and the aggregate networks
  • Recommendations for people who are “similar to” a target, lead, or prospect that plays a key role within their organization

You can learn more about LinkedIn Sales Navigator here.

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