Salesforce for Non-profits

Network and learn with other local non-profits during this complimentary Salesforce for Non-profits Group workshop.

During this session, we will talk over your specific reporting needs and work on them together, so be sure to bring your laptop to make the most of this workshop.

We will also problem-solve together, so be sure to keep your top concerns top of mind when you join us!

Whether you have ample experience with Salesforce as a non-profit, or none at all, the tips and talking points will apply! This group accommodates all levels of expertise, backgrounds, and experiences.

Together, we work towards the common goal of using Salesforce more effectively as non-profits to drive success.

With any questions you may have regarding this group or session, reach out to our in-house Event Coordinator, Daniel Dibble, Account Executive, and Non-profit Specialist at Ledgeview Partners:

This event is free to all, and all are welcome.

Register to Attend

Event: Salesforce for Non-profits User Group
Topic: Reports and Dashboards Workshop, Problem-solving Together
Date: Thursday, June 13, 2019
Time: 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. CT

See you this June at Ledgeview Partners Headquarters.

Learn more about how to effectively use Salesforce for Non-profits on the Ledgeview Partners Blog.

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Salesforce Trailhead V4S

Last week, I recapped my experience with the unit, “Get Started with Volunteer Management” under the Trailhead module, “Volunteer Management“.

Today, our journey continues with “Find the Right Volunteers“!

This path is a great series of tutorials for non-profit team members who want to discover more effective ways to interact and connect with their volunteers.

Increased volunteer retention is certainly on the horizon through these teachings.

Let’s dive in!

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Hello, fellow Trailblazers!

This week, I’m taking you through the module, Volunteer Management, in Trailhead.

This one is comprised of the following units:

  • Get Started with Volunteer Management
  • Find the Right Volunteers
  • and – Manage Email and Report on Volunteer Participation

Today, I’m recapping my experience with the first unit in this module.

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Ledgeview Partners NonProfit Success Stories

5 Amazing Benefits Salesforce Has for Non-profits

When it comes to non-profit success, the benefits of Salesforce stand out.

Ledgeview has found that one of the most important considerations for non-profits is that a CRM Solution must be as affordable as it is sound with goal-achievement.

Non-profits typically have small budgets during their fiscal year and don’t want to waste thousands and thousands of dollars in a system that produces little to no value.

When it comes to a CRM Solution, non-profits must be especially mindful of cost, but Salesforce makes it work.

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