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Consumer Goods Cloud

On September 16, 2019, Salesforce announced the release of Consumer Goods Cloud. This product release is in response to a survey Salesforce conducted last spring, including 500 global consumer goods (CG) leaders, about the fight to stay relevant and future-proof in the ever-evolving technology landscape.

Consumer Goods Cloud will become officially available in October 2019. 

Consumer Goods is built on the core Salesforce platform. Salesforce says the platform will give users the power to transform how they collaborate with retail channel partners.

Its launch is a reflection of Salesforce’s efforts to be leaders in the marketplace, and help its customers do the same in their own.

Consumer Goods Cloud offers these key benefits to users:

  • Users will gain 360-degree views of sales targets, orders, promotions, and other key account insights on a single platform.
  • The platform will empower account managers to prioritize store visits with field teams, collaborate on key tasks, and service accounts with access to lookups, worlkflows, and approvals.
  • Users will have access to all essential data at their fingertips from their mobile devices for the most productive store visits, including:
    • Store name
    • Location
    • Hours
    • Estimated visit time
    • Previous visit details
  • This mobile accessibility will help ensure users they’re on-task, and everything is completed onsite, with a checklist for:
    • Inventory audits
    • Planogram compliance
    • Return order processing
    • Surveys
  • Users can customize templates by individual store needs or segment types.
  • Users will be able to audit shelves quickly and accurately (in compliance with Enstein Vision).
  • Users will be able to close the feedback loop more efficiently, strengthening relationships in the process.

Ledgeview Partners excites over the possibility of using this product with our consumer goods customers.

Our delivery team is dedicated to customer success and is on top of important releases like this to help ensure the best solutions are given in response to your unique needs.

You can learn more about how we use a variety of leading technology solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers in every industry here.

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