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In the Salesforce Marketing Cloud October 2018 Release: New Feature Overview, there are a bunch of new features and functionalities that allow you to better personalize your customer journeys while simultaneously enabling you to work smarter and gain deeper data insight across your organization.

In a recent webinar from Salesforce, presented by senior product marketing team members, they cover everything you should know from the October 2018 to help you develop, refine, and execute even more effective strategies in the New Year.

Last week, we covered what’s new with Journey Builder as of the release.

This week, we’re covering what’s new with Interaction Studio and Distributed Marketing.

Ledgeview Partners Salesforce Tips

Interaction Studio

With the studio, you will find new Configurable Decision Splits in Journey Builder that connect to it.

Interaction Studio is Salesforce’s real-time interaction management solution, which allows for listening to customers across all channels to create a more personalized experience in real-time.

Configure Decision Splits allows you to connect your marketing plan with real-time events in Journey Builder.

This allows for more flexibility when connecting Journey Builder to Interaction Studio, eliminating the need for custom decision splits, saving time and improving efficiencies all the more.

It allows the user to determine whether or not paths are still relevant to the customer.

Common use cases may include message relevancy, contact eligibility criteria, maturation, and channel preferences.

You can see how the journey path is affected in real-time based on interactions that appear within the studio.

Updates are now available to all Interaction Studio customers.

Salesforce Tips from Ledgeview Partners

Distributed Marketing

With the update, you can now support multiple business units within the Distributed Marketing org.

Distributed Marketing is a tool that Salesforce brought to the platform to bridge the gap between corporate marketers and non-marketers.

It helps you uphold your brand identity and compliance across your channels as a relationship manager.

Until now, you could only leverage content and journeys from a single business unit in Marketing Cloud, but that has since amplified in a major way as of the release!

Salesforce now gives users the ability to leverage approved content and journeys from up to 200 business units in a single org, supporting customers with multiple lines of business.

This is highly beneficial for users that operate multiple lines of business day in and day out. It’s a great way to get available content to all users.

You can use it for campaign-based and quick sends, though there is still a limitation per business unit when it comes to the latter.

This feature is available in all Distributed Marketing SKUs at this time.

This is just the start of the exciting new updates from the release. Learn more about it when you navigate back to the blog next week.

To learn more, you can access the webinar slide notes hereThe Salesforce Marketing Cloud October 2018 Release Notes are available here.

If you need help with your Salesforce solution or would like to know more about implementing one, reach out to Ledgeview for support.

Our experts are excited to help you during any phase of your project.


  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud October 2018 New Feature Overview | Salesforce | Click here to watch on-demand

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