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In the Salesforce Marketing Cloud October 2018 Release: New Feature Overview, there are many new features and functionalities that allow you to better personalize your customer journeys while simultaneously enabling you to work smarter and gain deeper data insights across your organization.

In a recent webinar from Salesforce, presented by senior product marketing team members, they cover a wide variety of topics from the release notes, including:

  1. Journey Builder
    • Journey Testing and New Wait Activities
    • Email Activity and Measurement
  2. Interaction Studio
    • Configurable Decision Splits in Journey Builder
  3. Distributed Marketing
    • Multi-business Unit Support
  4. Mobile Studio
    • Mobile Journey Builder Attributes
    • MobilePush Expired APNS Certificate Guardrail
    • Firebase Support for MobilePush OK
    • MobilePush SDK URL Handling
    • GroupConnect LINE Quick Reply Support
    • GroupConnect Chat Messaging API Report
  5. Salesforce DMP
    • Einstein Segmentation
  6. Platform Update
    • Tenant-Specific Subdomains
  7. Social Studio
    • Instagram Media Mentions and Comments

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For this blog post, we’ll take a deep-dive into Journey Builder.

SalesforceIn the release, Journey Builder has some exciting updates worth noting.

First, there is a new Journey Testing Feature.

It’s a relaunch of the testing feature in Journey Builder.

This new one allows you to test your journey with a data extensions entry source. You can also send test emails within this new version.

With this one, you can test individual journeys with up to 10 specific contacts at a time, and see how they flow through each journey, making for a robust and transparent testing experience.

You are able to clearly visualize how they navigate through the journey by clicking on a specific contact. With the canvas in Journey Builder, you can see the exact unique path they took.

This feature is now included in all Journey Builder editions.

Next, there are New Wait Activities with Journey Builder that allow for additional flow control options “By Duration”, “Until Date”, and “By Attribute”.

You will see these new options in the FlowControl Panel of Draft Mode in Journey Builder.

They were available in previous versions, but, as of the release, are now separated as their own activities, making it easier for the user or admin to find the right activity right away.

It also is an easier way to see which Waits have already been configured within your journey.  

This Journey Builder feature update provides a transparent configuration of Wait Types and is also now available in all Journey Builder editions.

This is just the start of the exciting new updates from the release. Learn more about it when you navigate back to the blog next week.

To learn more, you can access the webinar slide notes here, which go into even further detail about how you can optimize the Journey Builder experience.

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud October 2018 Release Notes are available here.

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  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud October 2018 New Feature Overview | Salesforce | Click here to watch on-demand

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