With the Summer ’17 release now available in time for the 4th of July holiday, we thought we would take this opportunity to showcase a few of the cool features that this release has to offer. It’s our very own fireworks display for us Salesforce nerds!

1) Keyboard Shortcuts (Lightning Only)

Stop searching for your mouse pointer! Not just for console users anymore, keyboard shortcuts have made their debut for all Lightning users, and they make quick work of navigating records within Salesforce.

Performing actions like Edit (by tapping on “e” on your keyboard) and Save (the ever-familiar Ctrl+S) are a simple keystroke away, rather than hunting for the correct action button with your mouse. In Lightning, use Ctrl+/ (or Cmd+/ on a Mac) to view the list of available shortcuts.

2) Updated Activity Timeline (Lightning Only) 

Now you can see the details of an activity right from the Timeline view, without having to drill into each one! You can expand a single item to see its details by clicking on the “>” symbol next to the individual activity, or expand details on all the viewable activities in the timeline by clicking on the button for Expand All. To Collapse details, either click on the Collapse All button, or click on the “˅” icon next to the individual activity.

And if your timeline contains Emails, you can even see what was sent, and Reply or Forward right from the Timeline!

3) Kanban Summaries (Lightning Only)

In the Spring ‘17 release, Salesforce rolled out Kanban for almost every object in Salesforce (not sure what that really means? See this blog post). Since Kanban started out as the “Opportunity Board”, it made sense to always summarize your groupings by an Amount field.

With the introduction of Kanban to all the other objects, that no longer made as much sense. With Summer ’17, Salesforce changed this behavior to allow summarization on any numeric field! Want to view an Opportunity Kanban, grouped by Stage, totaling the Quantities instead of the amounts? Done!

4) Classic Email Templates in Lightning (Lightning Only) 

Up until now, if you wanted to use email templates in Lightning, you had to create new ones that were specific to Lightning. Well waste time no more!

Email templates that were designed in Salesforce Classic will now be available for selection through Lightning, separated by a Template Folder selection. There are some caveats to using your Classic templates in Lightning, so you should brush up on those details before sending emails to your customers or users.

5) Find Duplicates Between Contacts and Leads (Lightning & Classic) 

If you haven’t taken advantage of the Duplicate Detection rules already in place with your org, maybe this new feature with Summer ’17 will convince you. Salesforce previously provided a couple of standard duplicate rules that would match Contacts against Contacts, and Leads against Leads, preventing your users from creating duplicates in each object.

In Salesforce Summer ’17, they’ve expanded their default rules to also include cross-object matching, so new Contacts can be compared against existing Leads, and new Leads can be compared against existing Contacts, ensuring your data stays ultra-clean! All you need to do is locate the “Duplicate Rules” section under the setup menu and activate them!

Some great features are now available with the Salesforce Summer 17 release! To see these features in action and along with others not mentioned in this post, be sure to watch our On-Demand webinar below as our Salesforce Certified Experts cover the great features in Summer ’17!

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