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Are you struggling to get started with Trailhead by Salesforce as a nonprofit or have you ever wondered if it can help nonprofits in the first place? Do you struggle to identify with it in your sector? Do you often find yourself thinking it’s only for, for-profit businesses?

You aren’t the first nonprofit to feel this way – it’s okay! Rest assured – Salesforce Trailhead helps nonprofits too.

With the abundance of information and insight available on the platform, we understand it’s easy to be overwhelmed, but that’s why we’re here – to help debunk, inform, guide, and increase your confidence so you are empowered by this fantastic educational resource.

Trailhead by Salesforce is a free educational tool for anyone who wants to learn more about Salesforce and its vast capabilities and functionality. Whether you want to improve your technical skills, learn more about the culture, or diversify your passions, there’s a trail for everyone to enjoy! You can sign up for an account or get started by logging in with your Salesforce, email, or social accounts.

Trailhead by Salesforce has a great trail designed specifically for nonprofits like you to feel confident and adopt the system easier. If you are a user of NPSP (Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack), this trail will benefit you.

In this post, we provide links for every module and unit within the trail, “Administer Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)”, to help you evolve with your ecosystem and become the confident administrator and/or user we know you’re capable of becoming!

Bookmark this post as your guiding point for success to return to later if you’re unsure you have time for it now.

The great thing about Trailhead by Salesforce is that you can always pick up where you leave off at any time. You don’t need to complete everything at once. This educational platform is designed for you and your schedule. Whatever time you have, Trailhead by Salesforce is there!

To start this trail, Trailhead by Salesforce begins with this module.

Module: Nonprofit Success Pack Administration Basics

This module will help you build a solid foundation for implementing NPSP (Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack) at your nonprofit. We recommend that you start with this module in Salesforce Trailhead before venturing into more advanced modules!

In this module, Salesforce unpacks NPSP into the following units with these key objectives:

  • Understand the NPSP Data Model
    • Describe the Salesforce data model
    • Summarize the basics of the NPSP data model
    • Click here to start this unit
  • Prepare for Your Implementation
    • Identify your organization’s goals, pain points, and success metrics
    • Map your business processes to Salesforce solutions
    • Establish implementation project staffing, timing, and budget requirements
    • Click here to start this unit
  • Explore Your Custom Options
    • Describe the options available for customizing NPSP
    • Access information about working with partner ecosystem
    • Click here to start this unit
  • Focus on Salesforce Key Platform Best Practices
    • Recall key best practices for implementing the Salesforce platform
    • Consider general security features in Salesforce
    • Click here to start this unit
  • Find the Right Settings and Get Help
    • Know where to go to set up NPSP
    • Get help with NPSP
    • Click here to start this unit


Module: Contact and Account Settings in Nonprofit Success Pack

Salesforce Trailhead helps nonprofits in ample ways. This module assists you in setting up accounts and contacts in NPSP.

  • Configure Household Naming
    • Describe how NPSP creates automatic household names
    • Customize the household name format
    • Customize the formal and informal greetings
    • Click here to start this unit
  • Manage Addresses
    • Describe how to address fields on account, contact, and address objects interact with each other
    • Restate how NPSP address settings impact address management behavior
    • Summarize key challenges with address management
    • Click here to start this unit
  • Create Custom Relationships
    • Explain how the relationships settings control relationships
    • Configure relationship settings
    • Click here to start this unit
  • Manage Duplicate Contacts and Accounts
    • Prevent the creation of duplicate data
    • Merge contacts
    • Merge accounts
    • Click here to start this unit


Nonprofit Trails

Screenshot Courtesy of Trailhead by Salesforce

Module: Opportunity Settings in Nonprofit Success Pack

In this module, you will learn how to set up opportunities in NPSP to track revenue. This helps nonprofits a lot!

  • Understand and Customize Sales Process and Path
    • Describe how sales process and path are configured in NPSP
    • Customize a sales process or path
    • Click here to start this unit
  •  Set up Soft Credits
    • Enable automated household member soft credits
    • Configure automated soft credits for relationships
    • Set up automated soft credits for affiliations
    • Click here to start this unit
  • Enable Customizable Rollups
    • Restate the benefits of customizable rollups
    • Create a customizable rollup
    • Explain the relationship between customizable rollups and soft credits
    • Click here to start this unit
  • Configure GAU Allocations and Payments
    • Set up a general accounting unit
    • Configure a default general accounting unit
    • Click here to start this unit
  • Manage Recurring Donations
    • Restate the purpose of recurring donations
    • Edit recurring donation settings
    • Set up additional fields
    • Click here to start this unit


Module: Nonprofit Success Pack Health and Optimization

In the last module of this trail, you will learn how to keep your NPSP implementation healthy and effective. This is one of the best ways Salesforce Trailhead helps nonprofits.

  • Run the NPSP Health Check in Your Org
    • Explain how the NPSP health check and Salesforce optimizer tools can help maintain your org
    • Run an NPSP health check
    • Run the Salesforce optimizer tool
    • Click here to start this unit
  • Prepare for NSPSP and Salesforce Releases
    • State the frequency of release cycles for both NPSP and Salesforce
    • Identify the actions you need to take after NPSP and Salesforce releases
    • Click here to start this unit
  • Contribute to the NPSP Open Source Community
    • Describe how NPSP operates as open-source software
    • Consider contributing to the NPSP open source community
    • Click here to start this unit


While this is the last module in the trail series, there are a lot more modules that nonprofits can take advantage of, whether it’s learning Salesforce.Org Nonprofit Cloud Basics, Fundraise with Nonprofit Cloud, Manage Programs with Nonprofit Cloud, and much, much more!

Learn all about how Salesforce Trailhead helps nonprofits like yours succeed.

Just use the search bar in Trailhead by Salesforce to search for other related modules, units, and trails using keywords like “donor management”, “volunteer participation”, “fundraising”, “nonprofits”, etc. to get started.

If you would like more assistance with Salesforce or Trailhead by Salesforce, reach out to our Support Team for help. We are eager to help you succeed with your system through different support models we offer our clients!

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