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Are you ready to improve email deliverability throughout the year? Salesforce says the key to email marketing success is all about email deliverability, and we couldn’t agree more!

In this unit from Salesforce Trailhead, Salesforce covers to key learning objectives:

  • “Explain effective methods to improve deliverability”
  • and “Describe how to protect your messages from spam filters”

First, to truly understand how to improve email deliverability, we must cover what it is. Salesforce Trailhead says that email deliverability refers to “the various stages of an email’s life: the sending, receiving, and opening of an email.”

Email Sender Transparency

Some internet service providers only allow visibility into the sender’s email address as opposed to a clear sender name. Whereas, some emails may say they’re coming from Jane Doe, for example, others may show

The best way to avoid recipients from putting your emails in spam is to do as Jane Doe does and include your name in your email address, instead of, for example.

Salesforce encourages that this is best practice for avoiding getting your emails sent to SPAM or Junk folders.

Email MarketingEmail Bounces, Purges, and Frequency

Have you ever received a bounced email after sending out an email marketing campaign?

When this happens, be sure to remove emails that bounce back! Salesforce reminds us that a bounce rate over 20% for any email campaign will have serious consequences.

When deliverability is poor, your IP address may be blacklisted or even shut down, so it’s crucial you don’t miss this step! Always delete bounce back emails from your list to avoid these severe consequences.

Similarly, Salesforce recommends you to purge old or inactive email addresses to keep ensuring deliverability, and so you aren’t spending money on emails that aren’t being opened.

Finally, if subscribers have been inactive for months, it’s best to remove them too so that you maximize your investment with marketing automation and see a high ROI. You don’t want to send to people who don’t care to learn more about your product, services, or brand.

Another great tip Salesforce covers within this unit to ensure deliverability is to be consistent. If you have automated campaigns set up to deliver weekly content updates, ensure that happens. This maintains your reputation and builds your credibility.

Don’t over-promise and under-deliver! Maintain a frequency that works for you and your subscribers. Don’t overwhelm either party.


Did you know there are over 300 SPAM-filtering companies?

To avoid having your emails sent to SPAM and Junk folders, consider everything that could affect your email deliverability. Salesforce heavily advises this.


  • Content
  • Volume
  • Response
  • Sender

Most marketing automation systems will help you analyze your SPAM score before you send so that you have a chance to improve.

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