Google Analytics 360 Integration for Marketing Cloud

Hello, fellow Trailblazers!

This week, I decided to embark on a journey with Google Analytics 360 Integration for Marketing Cloud. Salesforce Trailhead has so many great offerings, it can be difficult to pick topics, but as a marketer, I continue to be intrigued by Salesforce’s many dynamic partnerships like this.

This trail explains why Salesforce and Google have partnered, how marketers can use the Google 360 integration with Marketing Cloud, and lists the requirements for getting started.

Open up your Salesforce Trailhead account and following along with me.

The time in which we live is often thought of as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Living in a digitally-driven world, consumers conquer brands, demanding meaningful and personalized experiences.

Salesforce reminds us that, “67 percent of consumers say they will pay more for a better experience with the brand,” while “51 percent of consumers say brands are falling short to deliver that kind of customer experience.”

Salesforce says common reasons brands are falling short may include “disconnected data, outdated systems, disparate channels, and siloed departments, to name a few.”

Today’s marketers are overcoming these obstacles through dynamic integrations like Google 360 and Marketing Cloud.

Seamless integrations are game-changers for today’s digital marketers.

The goals of Salesforce’s partnership with Google are to help marketers:

  • “Be more productive
  • Analyze rich data in one place
  • Create personalized messages
  • And… Make smart marketing decisions”

Features and tools that will help marketers overcome obstacles to marketing success include:

  • “Simplified setup
  • Cross-channel analytics
  • Content performance
  • Website optimization
  • Marketing attribution
  • And… Audience activation”

Within the unit, Salesforce walks us through the steps to get started with each of these features and tools.

Website optimization is particularly attractive and stood out to me since web traffic has commonly been named and known among marketers as one of the most common measurements of success for content marketing strategies today. (HubSpot)

We can determine what content works for our buyers and what they’re not as interested in, and that was with Google Analytics alone.

This integration means ample possibility is on the horizon and you can start to take advantage of it as soon as today with the right team or partner to help guide you!

As always, I don’t want to take away from you absorbing the knowledge yourself, so I encourage you to dive into the features and functionality of this exciting integration yourself when you start the unit…

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