Error LaptopError messages, yuck. Who wants to spend time glorifying those? Someone did something they shouldn’t have, so let’s tell them they can’t move on until its fixed.

Well, hold on a second there #AwesomeAdmin!

By taking a few minutes to work out a descriptive, pleasant and maybe even a little humorous error message, you might just make someones day with a fun little note about missing a step when they are entering information into Salesforce.

Use your admin skills to have a little fun at work!

Let’s look at an example:





PERFECT! You just made Salesforce even more fun!


Now, as an admin, I’m sure you understand the business you’re in. You know what people expect out of you, both from your peers as a Salesforce Administrator, and from your superiors as an employee. So, if you decide to inject a little humor into those situations where someone might otherwise be frustrated, make sure you do so tastefully and that is a fit for your corporate culture.

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