The Dynamics CRM 2013 spring update codenamed “Leo” is wrapping up deployment worldwide. Online organizations will automatically have the updates applied that fix the 50+ items addressed in this release. In order to access the new customer service related features, organizations will need to “opt in” by having an administrator turn on the functionality.

Navigate to: Settings -> Administration -> Install Product Updates


Keep in mind, once you apply this update you can’t go back!


In addition to the new functionality, updated mobile application and re-introduction of native duplicate detection there were a number of items that were fixed in this release. Here are a few of the more common ones I’ve seen reported in the community:

  • When you are using CRM 2013 web client and outlook client and you view an entity record you may experience scripting errors or sub grids on the entity form appear to continuously refresh. If you get a script error it will state in the details Object expected
  • When you click the note content of an existing note in the social pane of a CRM form, and then without changing anything on the note, you click anywhere else on the form, the note will be modified. However nothing changed.
  • Users are not able to select text on forms or fields that are read-only in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013
  • Cannot change owner on create of Appointment after UR16

For a complete list of the items addressed in SP1:

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