Marketing Lists LogoThere are 2 different types of Marketing Lists in Microsoft Dynamics CRM; Dynamic and Static. A Static list is a list that you have to manually update (add or remove contacts or leads manually). Then a Dynamic list updates automatically based on predetermined criteria that we can configure through an advanced find.

To setup a Dynamics Marketing List:

  • Navigate to Marketing -> Marketing List -> Click the New button

Marketing List 1

There are a few required fields that you must fill out before you are able to select the criteria for your list to filter on.

Name: Enter a name that adequately describes the list that you are creating.

List Type: Dynamic or Static for this exercise we are selecting Dynamic.

Targeted At: Here you select if you are targeting this list at Accounts, Contacts or Leads.

Owner: By default this is pre-populated with the user who is creating the list (most likely yourself).

Once you have this setup, click the Save button and you will see a plus sign show up on the right side of the members grid which will allow us to begin defining the criteria (advanced find) that our marketing list will be populated from.

Marketing List 2

The next step is to go ahead and click the “+” sign and start your advanced find. Here you will define your criteria to determine what will be pulled in. For this exercise the only criteria that we are going to use to populate the list is that the status of the Account is Active. Note: It is likely that in your own marketing lists you will select many different criteria to be sure your list is narrowed down to a specific target group.

Marketing List 3

Now that your criteria is defined go ahead and hit the Find bottom in the bottom right corner and make sure that the data is filtering the way you want it to. If it isn’t you will have to go back and adjust the criteria in your advanced find. Sometimes Dynamics CRM can be finicky and require adjustments to get the advanced find just right.

Marketing List 4

Once you have confirmed that your list is correct click the Use Query button and you will see your members list is now populated (Note: you might have to refresh your screen to see it populate).

Marketing List 5

Now that you have this list defined every time you either inactivate or activate an Account record your list will be modified. Also when you adjust the criteria in your own Advanced Find, anytime a lead, contact or account’s information is updated, added or removed it will automatically be added or removed from your dynamic Marketing List. Go ahead and play around with the advanced find criteria to come up with marketing lists that meet the needs of you and your organization.

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