Often times we hear of customers coming across situations where a manager wants to track certain activities to make sure the sales team is following up with their customers/distributors/etc. You can create a Microsoft Dynamics CRM workflow to manage that process.

For today’s example,The MillerCoors Regional Territory Sales Managers are required to visit their regional distributors once per week. The Territory Vice President wants to track the visits and trigger reminders to the sales team to ensure that the distributors are being contacted at least once per week.

Workflow Road-map

Sales Workflow

Workflow Trigger

Sales Workflow 2

Sales Workflow 3

Workflow Results

* If the territory sales manager doesn’t visit their Account for 7 days straight, then they will be notified to do so via email.

* If the TSM doesn’t visit their Account for 10 days straight, then the TSM and Territory VP will be notified to do so via email.

* The Last Visit Date on the Account is modified (see below).

Sales Workflow 4

Workflow Logic

Sales Workflow 5

Workflow Benefits

* Account entity is updated from the creation of an Appointment entity

* Automatic Reminders are set

* Team communication is increased

* The consistency of Customer Communications is improved

You can use the same logic and setup process for your own Sales Follow-up Workflows to fit your own organizational needs. Want to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM Workflows? Head over to our Ledgeview Partners Dynamics CRM User Group page and view June 2016’s On-Demand webinar that discusses workflows.

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