sharing-side-borderWe have heard the age old expressions before. “Sharing is Caring” and “There is no need to reinvent the wheel”.  The same holds true with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In CRM, knowledge is power and CRM certainly captures a ton of information.  You have spent countless hours developing your dashboards, views and charts to make sure that you are able to make efficient and effective business decisions based on data that is within CRM. But what about your team or your co-workers?

Have you found yourself trying to explain data that is within a dashboard, view or chart?

To gain efficiencies and improve communication one very simple function within Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the ability to share dashboards, views and charts that you have created with a single CRM user or even a team (i.e. Sales Team, Project Team, etc)

In one of our recent monthly Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Groups, which is open to all users of CRM regardless if they are customers of Ledgeview Partners, one of our uber-talented support consultants (we will call him “Mike”) provided a quick tutorial on how simple, easy and effective this is to do.

And the best part of learning that sharing is simple – is when you see a view, chart or dashboard that one of your co-workers has already put together, you can ask them (very nicely of course) to share that with you.

We hope this tip makes you much more efficient with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Make sure to check out more tips and tricks on this blog!

If the video does not appear for you above you can watch it directly on our Ledgeview YouTube Channel.

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