Often times we find a need to create advanced find views so you can narrow down leads, accounts or contacts in Dynamics 365/CRM by criteria you want to see. Once you create that view you may be working with others on a project or have a manager that need to see that same view. You can share it with other users in CRM and it will show up in there views as well.

Here is what you will need to do to share a view you have already created and saved:

1. Go to advanced find.


2. Click on Saved Views.


3. You will see the list of views you have saved, you will want to select the one that you want to share.


4. Once you have the correct view selected that you want to share, you will see a share icon in the top menu, select the share icon.


5. Now you will select the user(s) you want to share this view with.




6. Once you have selected all those you wish to share the view with, you can setup different permissions they can have for the view.


7. Once you have permissions selected, click share. Now when the user(s) go into contacts, accounts, leads and look into their different views, they will see the view you have shared.

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