Sojourner Family Peace Center

At Sojourner Family Peace Center, Image Credit: Sojourner Family Peace Center

Sojourner Family Peace Center of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a unique operation in that it is a nonprofit partnership of fourteen organizations that exist in the same building and serve the same families.

These organizations work collaboratively on cases to ensure the privacy and safety of the people that go to them for help. Sojourner Family Peace Center is dedicated to helping support and advocate for survivors of domestic violence, laying a foundation of safety, healing, and peace for each client.

A major gap the Sojourner team sought to address with a new system was creating a virtual infrastructure that could help these organizations securely manage each case as a unit instead of separate entities, connecting these organizations in more effective ways, improving communication, standardization of processes, and collaboration.

Sojourner landed on Salesforce largely for its customization capabilities and Ledgeview for presenting them with a personalized and well-researched demo that spoke to the challenges they were facing and how to address them with technology.

Sojourner was also given a strong referral of Ledgeview from another local non-profit that assured them.

“During the Ledgeview demo, it was unanimous that we go with Salesforce and Ledgeview,” says Tristan Gross, O&E Project Manager – Centralized Data System and Men & Boys at Sojourner. “This is for a few reasons… Number one, it was clear that the demo Ledgeview put together in the Salesforce Sandbox environment that the original proposal was well-reviewed.”

“Ledgeview took the time to understand the language of our industry and the dynamic of our partnership. In that demo, the person facilitating it spoke to all of our concerns. Whereas other demos had technical issues, we could barely hear them, and they did not do any work to rectify that. They were out-of-the-box and conceptual solutions.”

“Ledgeview showed us how it would work and how it would meet our needs. It was really clear during the process, from the technical match-up to the customization of Salesforce, in addition to Ledgeview’s customer service, that Ledgeview and Salesforce were the right way to go,” Gross says.

“From the Ledgeview demo, it became clear that the dreams we had for a new solution were technologically-possible with Salesforce,” says Dr. Erin Schubert, Director of Outcomes and Evaluation at Sojourner.

Through implementing Salesforce with Ledgeview Partners, the Sojourner team saw the dreams they had for a new solution start to come to fruition.

In future project phases, they look forward to diving into Salesforce more in-depth and seeing the goals they have for their technology come full-scope.

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