Running Register HereRunning is all the craze these days. 5k, 8k, 10k, 12k, Quarter, Half, Full and Ultra Marathons, Kids Races, the list goes on and on.  Take any distance and someone will host an event around it. According to running usa in 2014 there were over 28,000 race events in the United States alone.

I’m an avid runner. Not a fast one, but fairly dedicated. Since 2012 I have participated in several races ranging from 5k’s to full marathons (just finished my second full marathon last weekend). I also have “all the gear” – clothing, watches, shoes and accessories so when it comes to putting together an email list to promote a race (anywhere across the country) I seem to be on all of them.

I’m also a marketer, a CRM enthusiast and a fan of a good discount offer. If you have participated in events (any event) you know that typically there is an early bird discount. I sometimes have signed up for races nearly a year in advance just to take advantage of a deep discount.

Unfortunately this also means that for the next year, I will continually get emails from the event letting me know that the spaces are filling up and that I better “register today” to take advantage of the pricing.

In fact, I just got another email today for a race I am doing in San Diego in July that I registered for nearly two months ago.

Has this happened to you? It could be a race, a conference, a webinar or any event.

Sometimes if the emails are far enough apart you might think to yourself “I thought I already registered” and you find yourself searching through your email confirmations and credit card statements to confirm.

With CRM and Marketing Automation it’s all about personalizing the experience. As an enthusiast of both I know first-hand how much better the experience can be.

Once I register for the event (a race in this example) that should automatically remove me from the “lead/prospect” email list and put me on the “customer” email list.

You may think it is simply easier to set up just one email and sent it to everyone. That is not the world we live in today and what people expect. With marketing automation segmenting your list and putting those who register down a different email path is VERY easy and MORE effective to help you reach your goals.

For the races that I register for (if utilizing CRM and/or Marketing Automation) I should instead start getting another set of emails with training tips, nutrition facts, hotel options, refer a friend links, and more – not reminding me with a Call-to-Action that I have already completed – that could sour my taste for this event before I even cross the starting line.

If you are the organizer of any event, I encourage you to take advantage of CRM and/or Marketing Automation to segment and personalize your communications and make the experience for your customer’s top notch.

If you want to learn more about Marketing Automation or CRM, here are two (free) webinars coming up from Ledgeview Partners that you should check out.

And if you are a runner drop me a comment. I love to hear from other crazy people like me.

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