More than anything we love seeing and sharing the success that our customers experience with CRM. The success that Sundyne experienced implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM throughout their organization worldwide, also caught the attention of Microsoft.

Sundyne, a high-tech manufacturer of sealless pumps and air compressors, needed to consolidate large amounts of customer data, become more efficient at assigning and converting opportunities, and improve the visibility of its sales pipeline. They chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to do the job, and Ledgeview Partners to make it all happen.

Check out this latest customer success case study how Sundyne transforms its global business with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (and of course Ledgeview Partners).

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Here are some quick highlights…

Sundyne recently transformed its business inside out with the Microsoft Cloud. Its custom-built integrally geared centrifugal pumps, compressors and sealless magnetic drive pumps are utilized in oil refineries, oil rigs, chemical and petro-chemical plants, as well as natural gas power generation plants worldwide. Microsoft solutions including Dynamics CRM Online, Office 365, SharePoint, SQL and Azure connect Sundyne’s global customers and complex sales cycles—creating a unified customer experience and agile business.

“First and foremost we wanted to dramatically improve our customer experience. From an IT perspective, this involved deploying solutions like the Microsoft Cloud and CRM to improve collaboration on the back-end, enabling us to provide amazing customer experience on the front-end,” explains Scott Dukart, Information Technology Director at Sundyne. “The Microsoft Cloud provided the global communication and data sharing backbone critical to our company transformation.”

Heather Wood, CRM Administrator at Sundyne adds “Probably the most significant change that CRM has brought to our sales team is new visibility into our sales pipeline as well as the tools to properly manage the pipeline and convert it to forecastable opportunities.”

The Microsoft solution is a game-changer for Sundyne’s transformation into a customer-centric and agile, global business.

“What we found with Microsoft Dynamics CRM is that we have a golden opportunity to engage customers more rapidly,” shares Don Hawkinson, Marketing Lead at Sundyne. “With our customer-focused company transformation, we are working to revolutionize our industry and make Sundyne easy to do business with.”

Finally, Scott Dukart offers, “We’re working on our next phase with Ledgeview Partners right now. If you’re ready to make the move to CRM, I can’t give you a better recommendation than to tell you the story of our experience. Ledgeview delivered what they said they would. It was flawless.”

>> Click to read the full Sundyne success story from Microsoft.

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