Benefits of Forms ProThere are many benefits of Forms Pro by Microsoft.

Forms Pro can be used with Common Data Service, Microsoft Power Platform, and the model-driven apps in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft says Forms Pro offers better feedback, insights, and experiences for customers and users alike.

In this post, we’ll cover some of the benefits of the technology, though there are many more you’ll come across as you use the system.

Here are the benefits of Forms Pro by Microsoft:

Instantly Capture Feedback

Forms Pro allows users to develop branded company surveys. This helps users incorporate their company’s look and feel using AI-guided questions.

Use sophisticated survey functionality such as:

  • Advanced branching
  • Skip logic
  • Individualized survey links
  • Multilingual capabilities

Forms Pro helps users reach their audiences in a more timely fashion on a variety of devices. Forms Pro is mobile-compatible. Surveys can be distributed through email, QR codes, webpages, and apps.

Send Responses in Real-time Based on Automatic Triggers

Forms Pro helps users “drive action with real-time feedback.” In Forms Pro, you can “view feedback analytics on customized dashboards to track key business metrics.”

Forms Pro helps you:

  • Engage with your audiences more effectively
  • Make faster decisions based on real-time customer feedback
  • Automate tedious tasks and eliminate manual response labor
  • Make better business decisions
  • Automate updates by integrating Forms Pro with Power Automate or Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Anticipate customer needs

Gain deeper customer insights

By integrating data with Forms Pro, such as with CRM, ERP, or HR systems, you can a 360-degree customer view. If you are a Ledgeview Partners customer or blog subscriber, you may already be using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and utilizing these benefits.

Forms Pro comes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing at a base rate of 2,000 survey responses per month. Additional responses can be purchased.

You can access the insights you gather from within Office 365 and Dynamics 365 environments to “enhance your business processes and gain a more comprehensive view of your customers.”

Use compatible technology

While you may have used separate systems in the past, like Survey Monkey or Google Forms, among many others, or even outsourced survey responses all together in order to collect customer information and data, Forms Pro offers a more compatible and sophisticated integration with your existing Microsoft products.

If you are already a Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer, Forms Pro just makes good sense, especially if you’ve become accustomed to VoC and need a new survey functionality, are getting started with Dynamics 365, or are years into your CRM project and are looking to implement a survey tool.

By using compatible technology, you can more integrate easier and eliminate manual processes from your daily workflows.

Forms Pro is accessible through Microsoft Office 365. So long as you have Microsoft Dynamics 365, you will have access to Forms Pro.

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