Deadline to Schedule Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 V9 Upgrade Closes In

Deadline to Schedule Your Microsoft Dynamics 365 V9 Upgrade Closes In

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 V9 Upgrade deadline is fast-approaching, and Ledgeview issues the following warnings so you can prepare.

Whether or not you’re currently a Ledgeview customer, we want to see you succeed with this upgrade, and preparation is the key to this end result.

Since this is a very time-consuming process, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Users need to plan ahead to prepare for all of the changes that come with the upgrade.

As a reminder, Ledgeview offers a Diagnostic to make sure you are ready and can help with any implementation updates to avoid downtime.

Though it may feel like the deadline is far away on January 31, 2019, it will come up fast, and users need to spend those months prior to doing necessary planning and preparing, to ensure upgrade success.

Users should consider the following:

  • Customers are able to self-schedule their own update date until August 16th.  For anyone that does not schedule their update date prior to August 16th Microsoft will auto-assign a date.
  • For Dynamics 365 (online) customer engagement applications, if you are a Microsoft customer, communications were sent in May to all customers running version 8.1, and updates have been scheduled.
  • Dynamics 365 (online) version 8.2 will be supported until January 31, 2019. Customers running version 8.2 should plan to update to the latest version prior to this date.
  • From February 1, 2019, and onwards, Microsoft will only support the latest generally available version.

As a Ledgeview customer, we recommend upgrading to Version 9 to encourage continuous user adoption, stay ahead of the curve and your competition, be industry leaders, and much more. (We go over the details in a user-friendly FAQ sheet, listed below.)

The updates with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Version 9 are customer-driven, what with Microsoft’s thriving community that suggests and requests updates, along with providing other important feedback that helps mold the system into the future of CRM.

When you upgrade, there’s no doubt that your system will change. You can’t deny or ignore this fact.

You need to know about these changes, how to handle them, and how they will affect your CRM environment and team. Avoid glitches with a Diagnostic, for example.

Though the benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 may be clear to you, we understand that the benefits of upgrading may not be as clear.

To understand the benefits and how they will impact your CRM environment, click here. 

Contact Ledgeview to get started with your Upgrade Diagnostic.

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