Marketing Automation

Putting all of your marketing functionality and practices into one system will always be of benefit to your organization’s flow.

It’s important, before you dive into any marketing automation solution, that you know where your organization falls on the digital marketing maturity scale, which is a topic we’ve explored in-depth in the past few weeks on the Ledgeview Partners blog.

(We recommend you look back and search this topic if you’re currently unsure what it means.)

You may be wondering, at this point, what the future of marketing automation is and we answer by answering another common question that runs around marketers’ minds today: Why is marketing automation the way of the future?

Let’s unpack the six key phases that encompass the future of marketing as we know it!

Marketing Automation Strategies


Personalization is the key to standing out as an organization today.

By using an email service provider alone, you simply can’t do it. Each and every customer today wants to be a part of a moment where they feel a company truly understands them and their needs.

Adapting your messaging to suit individuals is a great start to gathering and keeping your customers’ attention.

You can create programs to suit every individual’s needs at once.

Targeted Messaging

Real-time Alerts

Real-time alerts allow for instant notifications for contacts, leads, and user activities; and, you can get alerts for contact actions in leading technology like Act-On Software, such as email opens, link clicks, and web browsing activity.

Plus, you can see CRM (Customer Relationship Management) user activity such as new deals and incoming sales calls.

Marketing automation allows you to automatically and swiftly notify salespeople within their CRM of highly qualified prospects to help them keep focus.

Marketing campaigns become more dynamic with the use of real-time alerts.

Lead Nurturing Marketing Automation eBook

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing ensures all of the money and effort you put into your marketing automation technology, specifically with lead generation, isn’t being wasted.

Further, it lets you hone in on the most qualified leads while dually ensuring that those qualified leads make it to the end of the buyer’s journey, and are converted into customers.

Marketing automation is one of the core components of any successful lead nurturing program. It is essential for increasing your revenue and driving your business’ growth.

Marketing Automation Technology


Efficiency with marketing automation is clear – it has been proven to drive organizational efficiencies time after time.

You’re doing more with it in less time, which is great for your entire organization, as it allows you to spend less time on those tedious manual tasks, and focus on what matters most to you during your day-to-day.

By streamlining tasks that were previously manual, and automating them, you are freeing up time for concentration among your sales and marketing departments, which, overall, leads to sales and marketing alignment.

Marketing Automation

Targeted Messaging

Marketing automation helps marketers enhance their messages and tailor them to accommodate specific customer profiles.

Planning for automation directs attention to how customers view specific products they’ve been using.

Using an automated solution that continuously receives information related to customer activities such as email opens, link clicks, and form submissions, is all a part of the marketing automation benefits.

Even better, activity-related data is stored for future use to help you continue to create dynamic and targeted messages … 

Marketing Automation Technology

Seeing the Bigger Picture

Everything comes together with marketing automation to help you see the bigger picture.

Email marketing is just one small part that makes marketing automation a leader in the market today.

Having a system that encompasses ongoing cross-channel customer engagement will be the key to your organization’s success. It will help you see the bigger picture and ROI for all of your marketing efforts.

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