The Hydraulic Institute Achieves Technological Empowerment with Ledgeview and Salesforce

The Situation

A change in management inspired decision-makers at the Hydraulic Institute to look for a CRM solution that would address their ongoing challenges. Before deciding on a solution, the staff at the Hydraulic Institute had been using a customized system that helped them manage their business processes, store data, and engage with members.

A single technical staff member at the institute had been managing this system and made changes as the team needed. As the organization evolved over time, they knew they needed something less customized and more configurable to operate more effectively and meet modern nonprofit industry demands.

Another important factor the team had top of mind while evaluating potential solutions was transparency. The Hydraulic Institute staff, all of whom are now CRM users, needed to move to a solution that would offer the enterprise-wide transparency they were looking for.

Two popular CRM solutions stood out in their research. During their CRM evaluation process, the Hydraulic Institute looked at Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce for their grand reputations in the industry. While they were unsure which to go with initially, through guided conversations and detailed analysis from Ledgeview Partners, they ultimately landed on Salesforce for a few significant reasons.

The Solution

“One of the major reasons we chose Ledgeview was because they had expertise in both of the solutions we were considering,” says Mary Silver, Technology Director at the Hydraulic Institute.

The decision to address the Hydraulic Institute’s needs with a Salesforce solution came in 2 phases with Ledgeview. The first phase was an analysis of the Hydraulic Institute’s business processes and challenges, which the experts at Ledgeview conducted so they could best understand the current state of the Hydraulic Institute’s business compared to their desired future state.

Through conducting a detailed needs-analysis, Ledgeview Partners consultants recommended Salesforce to the Hydraulic Institute as part of the second phase of the project, finding it to be the best fit for their unique nonprofit membership needs.

“We found a piece of software, Fonteva Membership, that is native to Salesforce and designed specifically to support association management.   It offers us this natural integration as opposed to having something custom-built on top of Salesforce,” Silver says.

Fonteva is the only Salesforce Premier Partner that serves the association industry, which is a perfect fit for the Hydraulic Institute, helping them bring their one-of-a-kind business to their member community in more effective ways. During the project, the Hydraulic Institute used both Ledgeview and Fonteva as resources to enable their own self-sufficiencies as a team.

Salesforce allows the Hydraulic Institute to move away from a custom solution, and into the configurable one that they desired to help create a more transparent business model, process, and operations.

What also made Ledgeview Partners a good fit for the Hydraulic Institute was Ledgeview’s flexibility with training and development, as the main need was to pull Ledgeview in for architectural design changes and use them as their go-to Salesforce guide.

The Benefits

Given the Hydraulic Institute’s on-site aptitude for software systems, Ledgeview Partners gave them the flexibility and independence to run with their own updates and development as they liked.

“Ledgeview let us tap their brains when we needed it, and let us go on our own way when we wanted,” Silver says. “I don’t think many consulting companies would’ve let us do that. This strategy helped us with our own internal learning experiences. We got the training we needed when we needed it, and Ledgeview was excellent in responding to our needs.”

This style of collaboration laid out the trusting foundation that allowed the partnership to thrive.

“Some of our biggest challenges came in transferring data between systems.  Because of our familiarity with our legacy system, we were able to manage the transfer of existing data to our sandbox environment but taking it from our sandbox to production wouldn’t have been nearly as effective without Ledgeview,” Silver says. “Ledgeview was instrumental in helping us with that.”

While every person in every department uses Salesforce now, Silver anticipates being able to partition off certain parts of the system for leadership in the future in order to store sensitive data in a secure system in which they have the utmost confidence.

The Hydraulic Institute envisions growing and expanding their Salesforce environment in the near future, taking advantage of more apps as they learn and evolve along with their solution.

“We have already brought in a few apps that fit our needs,” Silver says. “We’re already seeing improvements in operational efficiency and the potential for much more.”

When asked about some of the immediate benefits they realized just a few months into their implementation, Silver acclaims its ease of reporting and reasonable cost above all.

“So far, Salesforce has done what we hoped it would do,” Silver says. “I say, for anyone researching solutions, do your due-diligence so you wind up happy with your decision.”

Her testimonial of Ledgeview fares just as well.

“As far as working with Ledgeview goes, I would say do it,” Silver says. “I really don’t think I can say anything negative about Ledgeview, and that says a lot coming from someone with years of experience in the software world.”

About the Company

Since 1917, the Hydraulic Institute (HI) has served member companies and pump users as the largest association of pump manufacturers in North America, providing product standards and a forum for the exchange of industry information and innovation. HI is the leading spokesperson for the North American pump industry, offering a wide variety of programs and services to meet member needs. From standards development to networking opportunities to breaking industry news to educational materials to participate in industry initiatives and more, they help to advance the pump manufacturing industry as the world’s foremost resource for it. As a thriving nonprofit, HI provides education, development, and advocacy to move the industry forward.

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“One of the major reasons we chose Ledgeview was because they had expertise in both of the solutions we were considering.

Mary Silver, Technology Director, Hydraulic Institute

“Ledgeview was excellent in responding to our needs.

Mary Silver, Technology Director, Hydraulic Institute

“As far as working with Ledgeview goes, I would say do it. I really don’t think I can say anything negative about Ledgeview, and that says a lot coming from someone with years of experience in the software world.

Mary Silver, Technology Director, Hydraulic Institute
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