Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Tips

As a new Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM admin, you may wonder why auditing is so important.

There are many reasons it will benefit your organization and processes.

Its primary value, however, is as a foundational piece of Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM that helps to maintain system health and keep your processes in line. 

For admins, if entities and fields are being audited, you can use your Audit History to:

  • Determine who updated the field:
    • User
    • Workflow 
    • Plugin
  • Determine what is triggering the update of a field:
    • By what changed right before the change you are trying to troubleshoot
  • See historical data for all fields being audited
  • And see trends for fields that are being updated

Audit History can drastically cut down on troubleshooting time for admins because the information is being displayed on the record level to them.

For admins, your system Audit History helps you understand what is happening in your system, whether logic, integrations, or users are altering fields.

You gain a clearer and more detailed visualization of system processes.

So, how do you take advantage of Auditing and Audit History?

To set things up system-wide, follow these steps …

  1. Go to Settings > Auditing > Global Audit Settings
  2. Turn on Auditing
  3. Choose the areas you want to enable Auditing
  4. Audit User Access

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Tips

To edit entries that are Audited, follow these steps …

  1. Go to Settings > Customizations > Customize the System
  2. Choose an entity and select Auditing to be On or Off for the Entity

To allow Auditing per Field, follow these steps …

  1. Go to Settings > Customizations > Customize the System
  2. Choose an Entity
  3. Open the individual Field

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM Auditing Tips

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