Are you ready to unpack the Key Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365’s New UI?

Microsoft announced in September 2019 that the legacy web client will no longer be available to customers as of October 1, 2020. This means that customers who still use the legacy version need to prepare to transition.

We covered the process and what you need to know to date earlier in the blog, which you can read here.

Once you understand the process and timeline, it’s time to unpack the refreshing benefits of the transition!

Here are the Key Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365’s New UI that they’ve laid out for users:

1. Users will have the ability to work from anywhere

The new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Interface is built to empower users to access the system on any device, from anywhere. It provides “a uniform experience across mobile, embedded, and web clients.”

The app accommodates many screen sizes, allowing for an easy flow of processes and daily activities for users.

2. Users will gain more focus

The new Unified Interface promotes focused role creation. This means it helps to simplify the end-user experience “by including only the tasks and information for a given role in your organization.”

Microsoft says this helps to reduce user confusion and lower training costs. Win, win!

3. There is improved system navigation and performance

The new Unified Interface helps users to toggle between apps and easily navigate with recent and pinned favorites. This functionality works in conjunction with focused role creation well so that users really only see what they need.

Similarly, users will see improved performance.

The difference is significant compared to the legacy web client. Prime examples of improved performance within the new Unified Interface include:

  • Retrieval of application metadata
  • Rendering of forms
  • Reduced load times for forms and grids
  • Customized form ribbons

4. Overall productivity enhancements

Microsoft says there are “reduced clicks for common tasks through the Timeline wall and business process flows” that “improve the efficiency for users.”

5. Improved accessibility

Microsoft has put a focus on improved accessibility across its product line, Microsoft Dynamics 365’s New Unified Interface included.

Microsoft says the new Unified Interface was “developed with accessibility standards in mind, including the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).”

In addition to this breakdown from Microsoft, current users have noted other key benefits about the new Unified Interface within online communities.

Technology Benefits

Benefits listed include, but are not limited to:

  • Enhanced Dashboards and Charts
  • Improved Timeline Control
  • Flexible Application Metadata
  • Modularized Code
  • Business Process Enhancement
  • Reference Panel for Apps
  • Reflow Scaling Capabilities
  • Efficient Custom Unified Interface
  • Solution Checker to Troubleshoot Performance Issues
  • Holistic System Optimization

Thanks to Charles Lamanna at Microsoft for sharing the Key Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365’s New UI with the Microsoft Community!*

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