Power of Content in Sales and Marketing Alignment

The Power of Content in Sales and Marketing Alignment

Once you know the ins and outs of who you are targeting, you need to make sure the content you create will resonate with your target buyer and drive them to the next steps in the buyer’s journey.

So many marketing teams within different organizations will create all their content and assets in a silo.

This doesn’t mean you need to run every piece of content you create by sales before you hit send, but as you create new assets that target a specific buyer or industry, you want to make sure it will connect with them.

This is where sales can be especially helpful, whether your eBooks, sell sheets, social media posts, or other lead generation tactics are concerned.

Of course, you should A/B test your content to determine what content resonates most with your target buyers but getting feedback from sales who engages with these target buyers will help to point you down the right path. They are the ones inside of their offices, after all, so they can see what magazines and content they’re reading or activities they enjoy. Gathering this insight is crucial to your marketing strategy.

Sales needs to know about the assets that marketing has created.

Whereas it may seem obvious to marketing, marketing needs to bring it up to sales. Be sure there is clear communication about what is available. Do they have access to all the content they need? Do they use this content?

In addition to having conversations between you, your CRM will provide you with a ton of direction if you are capturing the right information in your system.

If marketing is going to ask for suggestions and feedback from sales, be open to it. Marketers can sometimes be sensitive about content and assets they feel strongly about, but if the content misses the mark, it’s much better to get feedback for improvement than spinning your wheels with limited results.

Just like you did with your target buyer profile, creating a quick-share spreadsheet can help you take a quick inventory of the assets you have available to you, how it is being used, if it is being used, and if it is current or outdated. You may find that you need to create new assets or just do an update on some current ones with new graphics or CTAs (calls-to-action).

The Power of Content in Sales and Marketing Alignment

Once marketing creates this list, sales should have access to it. This will help always make them aware of content updates within your organization.

As your leads move through the buyer’s journey, which is another very involved topic and should be co-created between sales and marketing, you will want to make sure that you have content suitable for each stage of the buyer’s journey, taking them from the top of your funnel or awareness stage all the way to purchase and becoming a life-long customer.

Do you have the right content for each stage? Where is this content stored? Is it in SharePoint? CRM? Your website? Does the content you have work?

By connecting your CRM to your marketing automation solution, you can see interactions at each stage to know what works and what is missing the mark.

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