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Automation tools in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM are incredibly powerful tools that admins can take advantage of to help increase their day-to-day efficiencies.

The three we review in this post with a quick list of pros and cons for each, plus when to use each of them, will help give you the insight you need to use them properly in your Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM system.

Pros — 

  • Can cross entities
  • Can create new records
  • Can be triggered
  • Can set conditions
  • Can send emails
  • Can set a wait condition

Cons — 

  • Can be complex to create
  • Limited by relationships
  • Not ideal for calculations
  • Limited by CRM logic

When to Use —

  • Need to set specific triggers
  • Ability to run on-demand
  • Need to cross entities
  • Need to create new records
  • Need to dynamically update current record or related records using fields on the current record or related records

Pros —

  • Are instantaneous
  • Easy to create
  • Can be isolated to one form from an entity
  • Can do some calculations
  • Can throw an error message
  • Can change visibility and requirement of a field

Cons —

  • Cannot cross entities
  • Limited to actions on the form
  • Fields in the business rule must be on the form
  • Limited to 10 else if statements
  • Must be on the form for the updates to occur

When to Use —

  • Need to set field requirements or visibility
  • Updates are specific to the form
  • Want changes to occur on change of the form
  • Need to show an error message
  • Need to make simple calculations

Pros —

  • Reduce data entry redundancy
  • Automatically pull over specific information from one entity to another

Cons —

  • Must create a record for the new entity from the entity you want to map data from
  • Limited to 1:N relationships
  • Many gotchas

When to Use —

  • Want to pull over data from one entity record to a new record on a related entity when it is created from the originating entities record
  • Example: qualifying a lead

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