Top 10 CRM eBooks of 2020

The Top 10 CRM eBooks of 2020

The results for the Top 10 CRM eBooks of 2020 are in!

Based on the number of downloads each eBook received from the start of this year to the finish, here is what made the list this year:

10. Best Practices to Drive Microsoft Dynamics 365 User Adoption

While achieving high and continuous CRM user adoption is important for every unique system, there are also unique ways to gain user adoption according to the technology at hand.

In this eBook, you will learn the best practices and strategies for gaining Microsoft Dynamics 365 user adoption, from how to start your Dynamics race to addressing common Dynamics misconceptions to establishing your project team and ongoing communication practices to preparing for your go-live day to evolving with Dynamics, and so much more…

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9. 10 Expert CRM Tips on Gaining User Adoption During Rollout

So, you’ve done it! You have reached CRM Rollout Day; you have addressed your employees’ concerns, created a structure and goal system, and are now ready to ensure with a rock star Rollout. But, how do you do that? How do you avoid potential complications?

Breathe easy, number one, then follow along with this eBook as your simple guide.

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8. 10 Expert CRM Tips on Achieving High User Adoption from the Start

Implementing CRM in your organization is not as simple as sending out an email to every employee in your organization and saying, “Hey, we have CRM now! Use it.” If only it were that simple, right?

With the tips Ledgeview presents in this eBook, it just might be that close …

Though CRM can be an amazing (essential) asset for companies, it can be easily misused or disregarded. This simple guide will walk you through how to properly talk about and prepare for CRM before Rollout Day.

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7. 10 CRM Misconceptions on Gaining User Adoption

Before CRM Implementation, you’re going to need a killer preview to present to your employees, especially your sales team. Before creating that preview, you will need to think like them. You know why you like it as a manager or sponsor, but just because you see the benefits, doesn’t mean your employees will as soon as you have.

Remember, they have a different role and function. Get on their level. Relate to them. Use terminology that makes sense for their workflows.

Consider: What are their apprehensions? What do they not like or think they do not like about CRM? How can you address their concerns or resolve the problems they have created in their heads about using CRM applications?

These common misconceptions and woes can be easily addressed and prevented.

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6. Achieving User Adoption Success with Salesforce

As a Manager, Sponsor, Salesforce Admin, or Power User, you know and see that User Adoption is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. When it comes to implementing Salesforce, we share four common hurdles and solutions to overcome them to put you on the path to Salesforce User Success.

User Adoption increases customer retention rates, employee job satisfaction and fulfillment, create more effective day-to-day business practices, and more.

This is a guide for Salesforce Admins on four common hurdles and solutions that the average organization faces. Within this guide, we provide the best tips for admins to lead Salesforce users with.

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5. 10 Expert CRM Tips to Get Your Users Excited About CRM (Again)

Though CRM is a valuable, beneficial solution for your business, it isn’t magic. CRM requires hard work that must be maintained and always evolving as your business does. When it goes stagnant, Ledgeview often finds it’s because of a number of reasons, stemming from lack of executive sponsorship to lack of ongoing training, etc.

CRM is a discipline. Users must be logging in, using its functionalities, understanding its updates, and engaging in consistent training, among other educational tactics to keep themselves engaged.

As managers, a large part of the inheritance process is up to you, so when things have gone stale, don’t blame yourself. Correct the situation before it’s “too late.”

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4. 10 Expert CRM Tips on Gaining User Adoption After Rollout Day and Beyond

So, you have gotten your team on-board the CRM ship and off the dock, but how do you keep them from jumping the CRM ship? Cheesy as this analogy may seem, it’s true that keeping your team on-board with CRM is an everlasting journey that goes on days, weeks, months, and even years later.

SPOILER ALERT: You’re not done with CRM after you’ve gotten everyone on board. You need to keep them there!

CRM is a way of life. It’s not a one-and-done process. CRM must be maintained. It must become part of your daily workflow. EVERYDAY. This eBook will guide you through what you should do after your CRM Go-Live Day to keep your team members feeling confident and encouraged.

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3. CRM from A to Z

Are you ready to get started with CRM or struggling to know where to begin? Are you in the middle of a CRM implementation? Did you implement CRM years ago, but aren’t actively using it and want to reinvigorate user excitement?

Whatever challenge or phase you’re in, this eBook covers all things CRM, from A to Z!

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2. 13 Ways Lubricant Marketers Use CRM to Drive Success

Are you currently struggling with ways to see everything you want to know about your customer, or is their contact information in your salesperson’s cell phone, while their order history is in an old binder on that same salesperson’s desk, and the account contact information is in that person’s wallet that they left at their house earlier that morning?

We’ve heard this many times. It happens, right? Though you may have been a part of the Oil & Gas industry for years and years, and are used to your system, focusing on muscle memory and organized “chaos” as your current solution, the benefits of CRM may surprise and enlighten you.

In this eBook, we share how lubricant marketers in the Oil & Gas industry are succeeding with CRM every day and how you can too! Download your complimentary copy.

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1. 10 Steps to a Successful CRM Implementation

In this eBook, you’ll learn what it takes to successfully implement a CRM system into your organization. We cover everything it takes, regardless of your industry or business, to ensure your success with the technology…

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Which of these CRM eBooks did you love the most this year? What CRM topics would you like to see us cover in our eBooks in 2021?

We design our content to serve you and would love to hear your feedback. Contact us to make suggestions for tips or insights you’d like to gain from our team of experts.

We look forward to creating more assets for you in the New Year. 📚


As for 2020, we hope you and yours have a safe and healthy remainder of the year and wish you ample joy, positivity, and productive changes in the New Year. New Year – new possibilities!

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