The Top 10 Customer Service Tips of 2020

The Top 10 Customer Service Tips of 2020

After analyzing the most popular customer service posts by pageviews in 2020, we’ve determined what you liked best this year!

Dive into The Top 10 Customer Service Tips of 2020 throughout this post. Click on each individual post to unpack the insight our team shared this year.

10. What’s Possible with Customer Service Knowledge in Salesforce

Salesforce Knowledge lets Customer Service Agents and Users create and manage important company information and securely share it when and where it is needed.

With Knowledge in Salesforce, you can create different articles and forms on common issues. This is beneficial to agents and Users so that when issues arise, they can easily track down proven paths to case resolution. 

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9. Why Use Voice of the Customer in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

When you use Voice of the Customer (VOC), you will discover some amazing benefits!

It is an incredible tool in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM that allows users to create and send surveys to customers in order to obtain relevant feedback.

Customers can easily take those surveys on their phones, tablets, or computers with Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM.

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8. What’s Possible with Entitlements with Customer Service in Salesforce

Entitlements allow Customer Service Agents to manage service level agreements (SLAs) with customers, or manage internal happenings.

Officially, Entitlements in Salesforce for Customer Service are a group of Salesforce features that help you enforce service level agreements (SLAs), which are contracts that spell out the level of service you’ve promised to your customers.

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7. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service: Case Resolution

When you open Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, navigate to your Customer Service Dashboard to see Open and Active cases within the past 7 days.

Click the case you want to work on, and start working on case resolution.

As a Customer Service Agent, you will see a Business Process Flow at the top of your screen that guides you through how to solve the case.

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6. Microsoft Dynamics Announces Deprecation of Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Voice of the Customer (VoC) has been deprecated for customers using Dynamics 365 apps.

After the release of Microsoft Forms Pro, Microsoft announced the deprecation of Voice of the Customer (VoC) within Dynamics 365.

Looking at the future, Microsoft says Forms Pro will “provide seamless integration for surveys within Microsoft Business Applications, including Dynamics 365 and Office 365.”

How will this deprecation affect customers currently using VoC? Microsoft informs that existing Dynamics 365 customers with a VoC entitlement will maintain the ability to create and distribute new surveys and collect responses from live surveys for a period of 12 months, officially ending on July 1, 2020.

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5. 5 Quick Benefits Salesforce Lightning Console Has for Customer Service Agents

Explore the Benefits Salesforce Lightning Console Has for Customer Service Agents — Lightning Console in Salesforce Service Cloud makes it easier for Sales Reps and Customer Service Support Agents to spot the information they need to get their jobs done faster.

The console works to increase day-to-day efficiencies and is very configurable for organizations.

From the Customer Service Side, though you may find yourself frequently jumping between windows, Lightning Console helps to keep you grounded.

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4. What’s Possible with Omni-Channel in Salesforce for Customer Service

Omni-Channel in Salesforce for Customer Service is a comprehensive customer service solution that lets contact centers push work to their agents in real time.

With Omni-Channel, you can take a variety of channels, whether web or social or another network and create a Salesforce object based on it.

You may create a Case, Lead, SOS, or other custom Record.

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3. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service: Customer Self-Service Portals

When used the right way, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service can lead to your organization providing world-class customer service that leads to unwavering customer loyalty.

In 2018, the way we interact with customers has changed dramatically, with a majority of consumers expecting a digital response and presence from brands and organizations.

According to Forrester Research, 84% of consumers use a web or mobile self-service to find answers.

When customer service agents are provided the right tools to manage customers, job satisfaction increases as well as client retention. It is easier for agents to provide the right answers or lead customers to them.

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2. Follow Your Customer Actions in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

Learning how to follow records in Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM can increase your efficiency by allowing you to easily track activities (in real-time) by leads, accounts, contacts, etc.

For instance, if one of your customers is having various issues and you want to be able to see each support case that has been created or resolved in real-time, following that customer’s record in CRM allows you to see all the information in your activity feed.

This can be helpful when making sure you and the right people within your organization are staying updated on any issues that may be occurring with your customers.

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1. Discover What’s Possible with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

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