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Mindfulness of consumer behavior will indeed be the marketer’s best ally when approaching their 2019 strategies.

There are a few key tactics that a variety of businesses and industries can use to reach their target audiences more effectively while simultaneously building brand loyalty and increasing retention rates.

Successful engagements across touchpoints are the keys to success for brands everywhere.

While video continues to rise and attention spans (seem to) continue to decrease, marketers can apply these tactics to produce successful outcomes:

Marketing Automation

1. Personalization and Automation

Forbes experts list this as their #1 trend that will shape marketing in 2019, and for a good reason.

Personalization allows us to develop deeper relationships with and understandings of our customers.

The more we can speak to them as individuals, the more they will want to listen.

Throw in automation, and you’re really setting yourselves up for success with your 2019 marketing efforts.

We live in a high-demand society, so the better we’re able to automate our messages to our consumers, the quicker we’ll be, and more likely to stay ahead of the curve (and our competition).

Thought Leadership and Inclusive Marketing

2. Thought Leadership, and the Art of Empathy

Humanity is not lost in the current marketplace. In fact, it plays an integral role.

Whereas former generations played on exclusivity to sell products, marketers not only capitalize on inclusive marketing today but genuinely live this value in their day-to-day culture.

They do well by showcasing it on social media. When it comes to building brand identity, companies benefit from promoting their cultures of diversity, equality, and inclusion, now more than ever.

Both Salesforce and Microsoft do well at representing and speaking to diverse audiences, for example.

Upcoming generations want to see these attributes shine in the brands they follow.

Brand Marketing

3. Honesty is the Best Policy

The modern consumer sees through fake messaging. They value transparency in the brands they follow.

For marketers, transparency is key for reaching and retaining your consumer base today.

Transparency keeps brands held accountable, making them more relatable and trustworthy to boot.

Marketo, a leading software company that specializes in marketing automation, attests, “top brands win with transparency”.

Content Marketing

4. Content Marketing

While some experts debate the effectiveness of content marketing, the majority agree it’s here to stay and will continue to positively affect a business’ bottom line for a time to come.

When done right, content marketers produce ample content of high quality. They post, perhaps a lot, but with purpose. They don’t just post to post.

Content marketing helps brands increase their visibility as the foremost go-to for whatever their specialty is.

Content helps marketers reach a broader audience, and, when promoted effectively, it helps marketers reach more of the audience they’re searching for at the right time in the right place.

Marketing Consulting Services

5. Integrated Marketing

When marketing works together, marketing really works!

What do we mean by this, exactly?

Technology like CRM or marketing automation solutions allows marketers to manage more channels in one place while dually allowing them to reach their consumers in more personalized ways at a broader scale.

This helps to inspire and articulate a consistent story across channels that build on a bigger brand picture.

It also makes your day-to-day marketing much more efficient and streamlined. Usually, technology like this provides corresponding analytics to complement integrated mobile, social, and online marketing.

You can clearly visualize where your branding is going wrong or right.

Another honorable mention is the power of smart technology! We have a feeling we’ll all be talking to Alexa(s) more and more as the future unfolds …

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