The True Cost of Sales and Marketing Misalignment

The True Cost of Sales and Marketing Misalignment

What is the true cost of sales and marketing misalignment? If sales and marketing aren’t aligned, organizations can set themselves up for some business consequences.

At some point in your professional history, you’ve likely encountered organizations where sales and marketing teams are misaligned.

Whether this happens to be in your current role or in a past role, if you’re reading this and looking for advice, we assume you have at least some inclination that the true costs of sales and marketing misalignment are enormous.

However, achieving sales and marketing alignment is not as hard to achieve as you might imagine.

As you may know, when sales and marketing are not on the same page, they move further and further away from the end goal the organization itself wants to achieve, ignoring their shared potential and losing business opportunities along the way.

Technology is undoubtedly one aspect of your organization’s success from keeping it modern to keeping up with CRM and marketing automation upgrades, to getting the right information technology (IT) specialists behind your hardware, and so on, but … another crucial aspect of your business’ success is collaboration.

A well-defined process, as we often say at Ledgeview, should come before technology. We firmly believe in our motto of, “Process First. Technology Second.”

A successful end-result is the result of a collaborative and well-aligned start to your CRM project or marketing automation system integration.

At times, it can seem like salespeople and marketers are not co-workers, but live on different planets during these implementations.

If you resonate with this phrasing, you should seriously consider the following question: How do you expect to achieve organizational success when your sales and marketing teams live on separate planets from the get-go, and perhaps even speak different languages?

Sales and marketing team members must share goals to accomplish what is best for the organization.

When sales and marketing are on the same page, you set your organization up for success, especially when it comes to driving growth with marketing automation.

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The True Cost of Sales and Marketing Misalignment

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