Tips for a New Microsoft Dynamics 365 Admin

As a Microsoft Dynamics 365 admin, you want to empower users to succeed.

This has a lot to do with documentation. Here are some key processes you should document for your team as an admin:

Document CRM Terminology

CRM terminology won’t be obvious to all users. Document CRM terminology as if no one has an understanding of CRM so that everything is clear. Include definitions for all things CRM, whether they are tiny details or are a part of the bigger picture.

Update this document as your team grows with CRM and make sure it is accessible to all.

Define and Document Internal Processes, and Processes that Have Been Created Within CRM

As a CRM admin, one of the first things you will do is understand the business process. The business process should be reflected in CRM, and not the other way around.

Once you understand and define internal processes, document them. Then, document how these processes translate into technical processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

When users understand why something functions the way it does in CRM, they are much more likely to feel encouraged to follow the processes and adopt the system.

Define and Document Entities in CRM

Knowing what entities are is one thing, but you must also document and define what entities you’ve created in CRM so that every user who is interacting with them knows how to leverage what’s possible with your system.

Entities include Contacts, Cases, Accounts, Leads, Opportunities, Activities, Contracts, Customer Relationships, Articles, Data Maps, and so on.

Define and Document Best Practices for Using CRM

A Best Practice Guide for using CRM will be especially beneficial for your onboarding processes. New teammates are sure to appreciate it!

Consult all types of users when creating your guide to understand the best practices for each role. While some practices will be consistent across your organization, some may be more segmented.

For example, should salespeople log in every day and check their pipeline? Should marketing log in every day and analyze leads? Define this in your documentation.

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