Tips for a New Microsoft Dynamics 365 Admin Drive User Adoption

Tips for a New Microsoft Dynamics 365 Admin: Drive User Adoption

User adoption is not only critical to your success as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 admin, but for your organization as a whole!

If your people fail to pick up Microsoft Dynamics 365, your financial and time investments will be lost.

As an admin, this is the last thing you want. Set a great example by introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your team on the right foot!

Power users, executive sponsors, and management will also be helpful in this step of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 admin journey.

At Ledgeview, we’ve created an eBook that focuses specifically on this topic, which you can download here.

In this post, we’ll provide some tips to get you started!

1. Host Lunch ‘n Learn Sessions

Lunch ‘n Learn sessions are a great way to build team morale and help introduce them to your system. Keep them updated on enhancements, upgrades, best practices, and more.

Tips for a New Microsoft Dynamics 365 Admin: Drive User Adoption

Tips for a New Microsoft Dynamics 365 Admin: Drive User Adoption

Propose and set aside a budget for Lunch ‘n Learn sessions within your team. Your organization will thank you in the long run and look forward to learning each time.

People love coming together over food! What better association to create with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Users will require ongoing training, coaching, and support as your organization and system evolve over time. Set a cadence for these sessions so that your users never miss a beat.

Even in today’s remote world, you can do Lunch ‘n Learn sessions, whether you send $10-15 gift cards to your users to pick up food for lunch or encourage them to join you at a designated time with their own homemade lunch for a quick how-to session or Dynamics update.

2. Create a Dashboard for Your Entire Company

Create a dashboard in Microsoft Dynamics 365 that the entire company can view for the number of cases resolved, the number of Opportunities won, the number of Qualified Leads, etc. that pertain to your business.

This sort of transparency will build trust with your users, and therefore, encourage adoption over time.

3. Send Out Regular Tips

Establish a cadence (weekly, monthly, quarterly) for sending out “Good to Know” (GTK) tips about Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your users.

You may create segmented emails for each department, such as if you use various Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications. Different tips may apply to different users.

Image Courtesy of Microsoft, Microsoft Teams

Be sure to include all users who should know on your “Good to Know” tip list!

4. Establish Regular Meetings

Microsoft Team integrations have made it easy for admins to upkeep meeting schedules remotely in today’s pandemic times.

Microsoft Teams seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help you fulfill your agenda.

Keep up your internal meetings. Discuss functionality in Dynamics, allow users to ask questions, address challenges, etc. Use this time period to learn what your users need from you and, equally, to help your users learn.

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This just touches the surface when it comes to gaining Microsoft Dynamics 365 user adoption!

Download the complete eBook guide that explains how to gain Dynamics user adoption at any point in your admin journey.


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