Tips for a New Microsoft Dynamics 365 Admin

As a new Microsoft Dynamics 365 admin, it’s critical that you set up a process for users to ask questions and come to you with concerns.

All questions and concerns should be transparent across your organization. Odds are, if one user has a question or concern, another user probably has the same ones.

Create an entity in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for users so submit questions or ideas for enhancements internally. Microsoft Dynamics 365 should be a collaborative experience.

Everyone plays an important part!

Users should be able to provide feedback so the system is tailored appropriately for their function and develops for the team.

This entity you create could be used in the future as well so that when new or seasoned employees have the same questions, they can search directly for the answers in CRM before submitting new inquiries.

If users know exactly where to go to report issues, suggest enhancements, and ask questions, they are much more likely to adopt the system. Track all of this for transparency and visibility.

If users are unsure where to go, who to ask, and how to search for answers to their questions, they are much less likely to use Microsoft Dynamics 365. Your time investment as an admin and the organization’s financial investment will be lost if user adoption fails.

Delegate one or two users who know CRM well (often called Power users) who can reach out to your CRM partner’s support team to ask questions. If you don’t have the people to do it in-house, outsource your support.

As you evolve with CRM, it’s imperative that every user has a place to go to, to ask questions and get answers in a steadfast manner.

Create a distribution list for users to email if they have questions or issues with CRM.

Prevent complications, improve communication, create transparency, and enable yourselves for success with Microsoft Dynamics 365 when you establish this feedback process for your organization.

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